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Our report on future-ready businesses

Future Ready Report

We set out to discover which businesses are best prepared for the future, and what those businesses are doing differently to the rest. In our report we explain what ‘future ready’ businesses look like – how they’re approaching emerging challenges in the business world and how they fared during the COVID-19 crisis.

Future Ready Business

What makes a business 'future ready'?


Positive attitude to change

They embrace change and are excited by the future.

Open to new technology

They acknowledge the power of technology to solve business challenges.

Clear steps towards business transformation

They have a roadmap in place for how technology can transform their business.

Detailed strategy

They have a wider business strategy for the future that is documented, specific, funded and measured.

Up to date with trends and uncertainties

They have clearly identified the forces shaping their business and refer to key thought leaders to help.


They can react quickly to new trends or challenges and are quicker to market than competitors.

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