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Digital is the future for customer service

Digital is the future for customer service so why the indecision?

New research from CCA, in partnership with Vodafone Global Enterprise, finds that almost two-thirds of respondents to the survey agree that digital customer service is the future. However, the persistence of managing traditional channels remains and only one in 5 agree that most of their engagement with customers is now digital.

Digital technologies and smart, mobile devices are being used by customers at a scale and rate never seen before. Whilst this is a definite growing trend for customers, many organisations are still trying to catch up to be properly equipped to meet widening demand on digital channels.

Making sense of where and what to invest in is becoming increasingly challenging. Customers expect digital options to be readily available but organisations are still battling with legacy technology and environments. So, if digital is the future for customer service why are we paralysed by indecision?

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