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A case study with Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd

23 May 2023


  • Promoting safe driving
  • Lowering fuel costs
  • Reducing carbon footprint


  • Driver behaviour analytics
  • Real-time telematics data
  • Green Fleet Dashboard reporting tool


  • Fleet productivity increased by 12%
  • Fuel consumption reduced by 30%
  • Carbon emissions reduced by 30%

Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd

The customer and the challenge

Providing vital support to care services

Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd has been providing best-in-class building and maintenance services across multiple types of buildings and industries in the UK for over 40 years. Their extensive portfolio ranges from property building and restoration to supporting care services, for example, enabling clients to gain entry to social care properties late at night and helping older people with heating repairs. As they provide support to critical public services, their customers rely on their team’s assistance when they need it. That’s why it’s crucial for the company to keep its employees and fleet vehicles safe on the road, and ready to respond to client requests 24/7.

Moving their fleet to the next level

Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd manages a fleet of standard light commercial and heavy goods vehicles. All of them are customised and equipped with special environmental and mobile working platforms, making sure that their employees have everything they need to get their job done. The company needed a complete fleet management system to gain deeper insight into its fleet operations and make the right business decisions. It was key for them to achieve set industry standards and enhance service quality to improve customer experience and brand reputation. As Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd is a family-run business with a strong focus on employees, their teams’ wellbeing and safety were also top priorities for them. They were committed to protecting their employees and reducing accidents by promoting safe driving.

Becoming greener, leaner and smarter

Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd was aware that intelligent real-time data analytics would help them reduce their fleet-related costs through optimised route planning and fleet usage, predictive maintenance and minimised wear and tear. As their business is built on social responsibility, they also wanted to support their sustainable strategy and ways of working by reducing their fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Leveraging Vodafone Automotive’s world-leading fleet management services and over 45 years’ experience in vehicle telematics, we helped Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd improve safe driving, fleet operations and sustainability.

How we helped them

Mindful drivers, safer roads

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics’ intelligent data and reporting capabilities helped the company identify driving behaviours that needed to be improved to manage their fleet in a safe and responsible way. Thanks to driver behaviour analytics and vehicle reporting tools, they can monitor their employees’ driving styles including harsh-braking, cornering and acceleration. These insights can also be used in driver improvement training and education programmes. “The real-time data analysis and vehicle reporting tools that Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics offers have greatly improved our drivers’ behaviour, employee work-life balance and productivity,” says Barry Grant, IT Manager at Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd. With our fleet management platform, they can protect their employees and business continuity at the same time.

Keeping an eye on the entire fleet

Real-time telematics vehicle performance data helps maintenance garages spot if there’s an issue with any of their vehicles ahead of time. Barry Grant says: “Regular predictive maintenance helps us avoid lengthy spells in our service depots, reduces our repair costs and improves our vehicle availability by as much as a third. Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) analytics allow better management of fleet numbers and drive fleet replacement, resulting in an increase in availability and a more adaptable, leaner fleet.” The data is also used to cut idle times (time spent with the engine running but not travelling). That’s how they can make sure that their fleet is always ready to respond.

A more sustainable business for a greener future

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics helped Maurice Flynn & Sons Ltd increase fleet productivity by 12% while improving their teams’ efficiency. Managers can make data-driven decisions to choose the right employee, equipment and vehicle for each job and provide their customers with ‘first-time fixes’. The company also managed to reduce its fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 30% thanks to more mindful driving, predictive maintenance, route planning and our Green Fleet Dashboard reporting tool. This makes a real, positive difference to their environmental impact while also making their business more resilient against increasing fuel costs.

Why choose us?

Comprehensive driving behaviour analysis

Predictive maintenance based on real-time data

Optimised fleet performance and reduced CO2 emission

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