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11 May 2022


  • Extending EVUM Motors’ international presence
  • Monitoring battery levels and vehicle location
  • Digitising a network of electric vehicles with IoT


  • Factory-installed fleet solution with global IoT SIMs
  • Visualise environmental impact via Green Fleet Dashboard
  • My Vodafone Fleet portal to access vehicle data


  • Maximised electric mileage and reduced idling
  • Energy usage and charging reports
  • Transforming EV data into valuable insights

IoT-driven EV fleet: helping EVUM Motors transform vehicle data into valuable insights

EVUM motors

EVUM Motors

The customer and the challenge

Sustainable e-mobility for all

Initially, EVUM Motors’ goal was to make e-mobility accessible to people living in developing countries. The company designed aCar, the first commercial all-wheel-drive electric vehicle, to support its users in many fields, such as agriculture, commerce, tourism and emission-free transport. EVUM Motors soon realised that other countries could also benefit from its sustainable and economical solution and made their simple but robust, all-purpose vehicle available in the European market.

Going digital for a sustainable future

It became clear for EVUM Motors that digitalisation and vehicle networking would be essential to make the most out of its vehicles’ sustainability potential. The company was convinced that digitalisation is the key for every industry and business model to create environmentally friendly solutions and reduce CO2 emissions. EVUM Motors also knew that its digital transformation would help it reach its targeted growth and go international.

Expert in fleet management solutions

EVUM Motors wanted to introduce fleet management, vehicle localisation and battery monitoring to attract new customers. The company needed an experienced partner who could provide them with a complete fleet solution and networking. EVUM had already had a first concept but worked together with Vodafone Business to put their ideas into action.

How we helped them

Keeping fleets connected

The telematics unit mounted on aCars’ OBD interface consists of a cellular modem using Vodafone’s IoT SIM card and a GPS module. The device regularly transfers the data to the cloud via Vodafone’s network to make it accessible to fleet managers on the My Vodafone Fleet portal, thanks to our Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics solution. "We chose Vodafone because the fleet management including IoT SIMs is designed as a true plug-and-play solution," says Sascha Koberstaedt, CEO and Co-Founder at EVUM Motors.

Up-to-date vehicle data with telematics

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics enables EVUM Motors to provide fleet managers with real-time data on their vehicles’ journey, speed, charging status and route history, allowing them to monitor drivers’ behaviour and optimise fleet utilisation. They can also check the vehicle’s location anytime, no matter where they are. As the SIM cards are connected to Vodafone’s mobile network, our telematics services are available both within and outside the national borders. Our My Vodafone Fleet portal ensures flexible data access with personalised reporting features (e.g., energy usage and charging levels) and encrypted data transmission thanks to our GDSP dashboard.

Managing green fleets

Vodafone Business uses IoT networking and fleet management to help EVUM Motors and its customers build a more sustainable future. In addition, applications such as the Green Fleet Dashboard make it possible for commercial or public users to monitor their CO2 savings. What’s more, EVUM Motors customers can also use Vodafone’s EV Suitability Assessment (EVSA) to see if it makes sense to fully switch to electric vehicles both from an operational and financial perspective. The tool shows them how telematics can lead to reduced fleet-related costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

A glance into the future

"Our collaboration with Vodafone has quickly evolved from a supplier partnership to a more extensive cooperation in joint technology innovations," affirms Sascha Koberstaedt. Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics has opened the way for ambitious plans, and we’ll work together to make the use of aCar more cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient. The next step will be introducing commercial vehicle sharing and enhancing predictive maintenance using vehicle diagnostics and GPS data.

Why choose us?

Electric vehicle data collection in real time

Plug-and-play fleet management solution

Telematics solutions promoting sustainability

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