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A case study with Coin SpA

05 Oct 2023

Helping Coin enhance customer experience with phygital retail services through SD-WAN and analytics


  • Improving customer experience

  • Prioritising critical processes

  • Deploying phygital services

  • Centralised control with SD-WAN

  • Geomarketing analytics

  • Connectivity across all channels

  • Optimised network performance

  • Targeted marketing campaigns

  • ​Smooth omnichannel services


Coin SpA

The customer and the challenge

Pioneers of accessible luxury

Coin SpA is an Italian department store chain offering a vast selection of exclusive clothing, home decoration items and accessories under the Coin, Coin Excelsior and Coincasa brands. They operate over a hundred stores in Italy’s major city centres and shopping streets, making luxury accessible and affordable to a wide range of customers. Coin provides a vibrant and engaging shopping experience combined with complementary services, including lounge bars, restaurants and beauty rooms, to meet the varied needs of both Italian and foreign clients.

Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose

For today’s leading retail brands, ensuring a smooth and simple user experience is essential to retain customers. If clients face unexpected issues during shopping or at the checkout, regaining their trust can be difficult and costly. That’s why Coin recognised the need for an efficient and reliable network solution that could identify and prioritise critical processes. Their goal was to ensure business continuity and provide customers with a user-friendly and secure shopping environment.

Blurring the line between physical and digital

Coin is already leveraging hybrid digital capabilities in their shops, and they build their overall strategy on combining the physical, in-store dimension with digital characteristics to create more dynamic, phygital shopping experiences for their customers. To keep pace with their ambitions and fulfil their clients’ needs, they needed trusted partners who could provide them with advanced network solutions and efficient data analysis. Vodafone Business is joining Coin on this path to promote accessible luxury in Italy through digital solutions.

How we helped them

A network that knows what’s best for you

Vodafone Business SD-WAN provides Coin with built-in security and centralised control of business processes. It helps the company allocate resources where they’re most needed to keep up with the changing priorities. For seamless in-store connectivity, we’ve provided Coin with cloud equipment to combine different technologies using a single network, ensuring that their devices can select the right service at the right time. In the long run, we’ll bring their network management under Vodafone Business as a single operator and move all their data to the cloud to enable efficient and secure communication between their internal resources and stakeholders.

Keep growing with data-driven business decisions

Vodafone Analytics allows Coin to track and analyse data at all times. Smart Locator, our innovative geomarketing solution, provides them with a detailed analysis of customer behaviour and demographic data. So, they can explore locations for their new stores and also plan investments accordingly. Advanced analytics is not only essential to identify the potential pools of customers. Data helps Coin adopt commercial approaches, launch offers and target communication campaigns to address the right clients.

Phygital shopping tailored to customer needs

We help Coin connect all touchpoints and channels seamlessly throughout the entire customer journey and enable their clients to enjoy omnichannel experiences. By analysing in-store behaviour, including interest, demographics and spending power, Coin can shape shopping spaces based on client needs, help consumers find related products more easily, customise offers and improve service quality to maximise revenue. Customers can also leverage the advantages of both the physical and digital dimensions through phygital services, such as click-and-collect and endless aisle solutions. “Vodafone Business offers us these solutions in a secure environment, enabling us to analyse and track information at all times,” says Alessandro Faccio, CFO and Executive Board Director at Coin SpA.

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