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A phishing exercise to mitigate risks: Vodafone Business Security Phishing Awareness

A case study with a rapid-growth insurance brokerage holding company

17 Aug 2022


  • Doing a phishing exercise
  • Digital challenge awareness
  • Entrapment emails, social engineering


  • Human-targeted assessment
  • Competition Story

The customer and the challenge

A rapid-growth insurance brokerage holding company active across wholesale, distribution, underwriting and services comprised of over 100 offices and 7,000 employees in the United Kingdom. The company was looking to do a phishing exercise, to make sure their staff were aware of the digital challenges and problems in terms of entrapment emails and social engineering.

How we helped them

  • Vodafone Business Security Phishing Awareness service. This is a planned human-targeted assessment where employees are attacked via email in the hopes of obtaining sensitive information.

  • Customers can choose from a selection of attack stories. In this instance, the customer chose the Competition Story: participating in a competition for a wellness weekend as a reward for working from home efforts.

  • Single supplier for all security needs – one bill, all in one place. Simple to implement.

“We were surprised by the high number of clicks on the phishing e-mails. It was a valuable service. Vodafone is a valued supplier and we can now move forward and apply what we’ve learnt from this to mitigate risks in the future.” 

Why choose us?

30+ years of experience in providing security services and solutions, supported by 1,300+ cyber security specialists

We connect over 150 million IoT devices across 190 countries and states

We have deep, integrated partnerships with market-leading security specialists, continually monitoring threats in real time, 24/7

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