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A case study with AbitareIn

24 May 2023

Helping AbitareIn keep their business ecosystem secure with Managed Security Services


  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Bringing services online
  • Improving corporate cyber security


  • Assessment of cyber security posture
  • Fast and reliable connectivity
  • Data migration into the cloud


  • Increased phishing awareness
  • Weaknesses detected and eliminated
  • Secure business management


The customer and the challenge

Filling urban spaces with innovation

AbitareIn has been providing innovative solutions in the field of real estate development in Milan, Italy since 2016. Through their urban regeneration projects, they shape the city’s living spaces by combining the latest industrial trends, state-of the-art materials and superior products while putting their customers at the heart of everything they do. The company is committed to seizing the potential of any disused areas in creating new residential buildings that meet the housing needs of today and tomorrow. AbitareIn also has a strong focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability when it comes to revitalising urban areas.

Creating the future of housing services

Although the real estate sector has always lagged behind other industries when it comes to digital transformation, AbitareIn is committed to exploiting the power of digitisation in speeding up the company’s growth. Through their innovative business model and a wide range of digital tools, they can carry out their urban regeneration projects in a more efficient and sustainable way while providing their customers with housing solutions tailored to their specific needs. They’ve already launched a new initiative called Homizy to make co-living and sharing economy services available through their platforms.

Keeping critical data in the right hands

AbitareIn was aware of the potential risks when they moved all their services online. As they handle sensitive data while managing customer service and client requests, connectivity and cyber security are critical for their daily operations. With the introduction of smart working during the pandemic, defending their critical data and improving the visibility of any risks and potential attack scenarios became even more urgent. To keep both their customer data and business reputation safe, they decided to invest in digital solutions that could protect their network and systems against potential security events. They chose Vodafone Business’ wide portfolio of smart security solutions to ensure that they can stay resilient against the evolving threat landscape.

How we helped them

Strengthening the defence lines

Thanks to Vodafone Business’ reliable connectivity and comprehensive approach to cyber security, AbitareIn could speed up their digital transformation while keeping their assets safe. We wanted to ensure that their cyber security policy could rely on fast identification, a high level of protection, efficient detection and careful response when it comes to cyber attacks. After an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs, we were focusing on two main aspects to improve their cyber resiliency: protecting both their employees and infrastructure.

Raising employee awareness

As a single click on a suspicious link can have a devastating impact, it was essential for AbitareIn to improve their employees’ cyber security awareness. Part of our Managed Security Services, Vodafone Business Security Phishing Awareness helped the company simulate an attack and understand how employees would react to a real-life scenario. During this human-targeted assessment, we launched an email-based phishing campaign trying to obtain sensitive information from selected employees. Through the results of the testing, AbitareIn could identify any knowledge gaps and plan further training to reduce the potential success of future phishing attacks.

Staying one step ahead of hackers

AbitareIn also needed support to get their network ready to deal with cyber attacks. Vodafone Business Security Vulnerability Assessment played a crucial role in identifying weaknesses in their business ecosystem. We conducted a remote assessment focusing on vulnerabilities and provided them with actionable recommendations on how to improve their corporate security. Through our Cyber Exposure Diagnostics solution, we analysed the company’s cyber resilience posture and created a comprehensive report they could use to plan a roadmap towards stronger risk management. Using our Penetration Testing service, we also carried out a testing exercise simulating actual attacks to demonstrate how cyber criminals can exploit vulnerabilities of their ecosystem to help them gain insights into existing risks.

Going digital with peace of mind

“With Vodafone Business, we have achieved three fundamental objectives: secure business management thanks to advanced cyber security across our platforms, a total cloud migration to bring our services online, and faster connectivity between us and our clients,” affirms Marco Claudio Grillo, CEO of AbitareIn. Leveraging the combination of these services, they can always keep their business secure and connected while advancing on their digital transformation journey. We will keep supporting AbitareIn in shaping the real estate sector by adapting their infrastructure to their changing needs and keeping both their employees and network protected.

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