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Early Detection: giving Vital Command the reach to make more buildings safer

12 Jan 2021

The customer and the challenge

Vital Command’s smart sensors keep people safe and save their customers money

They alert customers of water, temperature, or mold damage in over 3,000 buildings in North America, getting to the root of a maintenance problem before it gets any worse. Or better still, stopping it before it even exists. These sensors help towards keeping buildings safe, even when they’re empty, while saving customers thousands of dollars in insurance claims. It means owners and managers country-wide can sleep a little more soundly.

Vital Command’s products are wireless and rely on a strong mobile network

It’s important that their sensors can feedback issues fast. So their network must be reliable. Mobile connectivity also gives their customers extra peace of mind because it’s harder to hack.

As the business grew, so did the need for greater mobile reach

The business was thriving in the US. They needed a partner to give them wider access to mobile networks across the country and the capacity to expand their products out to a global audience.

How we helped them

Wider access to key new markets

Taking on our footprint gave Vital Command access to vital new markets across the US. Through our partnerships they can now connect their devices to AT&T’s network as well as other regional carriers across the country.

Low-cost IoT solution with hardly any hassle

We built a bespoke solution around Vital Command’s existing hardware. There were no costly upgrades or redesigns – they just had to replace the SIM in their product and install a simple firmware update. The whole installation was swift, easy and cost-effective.

Set up to thrive overseas

With over 120 countries connected to our system, Vital Command now have the infrastructure to take their products into the global market.

The right people on hand to help

If there was an issue during set up, our engineers moved quickly and found the right fix to get things working again.

Sophisticated service at a competitive price

Vital Command considered several offers. But none of our competitors could match our price and give them the same package and level of expertise they needed.

Why choose us?

Access to our global footprint and IoT expertise

IoT solutions tailored to your business

A wide range of benefits at a competitive price

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