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23 Jun 2022


  • Connecting new sites in days
  • Refreshing infrastructure
  • Eliminating performance issues


  • End-to-end transition to SD-WAN
  • Interim connectivity links using 4G
  • Constant support with urgent requests


  • Secure and reliable connectivity
  • Quick turnaround times of connecting sites

Connected sites around the globe: helping a logistics business meet changing demands with SD-WAN

The customer and the challenge

Connecting the world with logistics

An Australian global transport and logistics business‚Äč has been providing diverse freight transport services for more than 130 years. They support over 20,000 customers with innovative logistics, transport and supply chain solutions around the globe. The company has 500 sites across 25 countries and an extensive forwarding network ensuring global reach. Their 20,000 employees put their customers at the heart of everything they do, and work together to connect businesses, communities and economies worldwide.

Time is precious –use it wisely

The company often had to move and set up new sites to keep up with the growing market demands. As time is paramount in the logistics industry, they couldn’t afford to wait months to connect new sites. They were looking for a solution that fulfils the needs of their different locations while ensuring seamless user and employee experience across all their sites. They needed global support and a scalable network solution to keep growing their business without putting the quality of their services at risk.

Don’t let your network stand in your way

The company not only needed an infrastructure refresh but was also looking for a solution that helped them respond quickly to any business challenges arising in the ever-changing logistics market. As they used to have monthly performance issues and outages with their previous provider, they wanted to have peace of mind that their network could support their current needs. They are aware that intelligent connectivity and uninterrupted service is the backbone of their future ambitions. With Vodafone Business SD-WAN, they have a single solution to all their problems.

How we helped them

Winning the race against time

We replaced the company’s existing network with our end-to-end SD-WAN solution and used 4G mobile broadband to speed up the deployment for 94 circuits located at 59 sites, across 13 countries. We quickly assessed their current network environment and evaluated user behaviour to understand their future needs and find the best way to get them closer to their ambitions. We have always been there to support the company with urgent requests. When it came to light that they had to integrate a new site which wasn’t part of the agreed process, we managed to set everything up in less than 10 hours by providing a service over their existing internet connection.

Autonomy backed by global support

Vodafone Business SD-WAN allows the company to right-size their network when they need and adapt it to their business demands at a local level. They now have greater control, while they can always count on our global support –our SD-WAN services are available in over 184 countries worldwide. Thanks to SD-WAN and 4G mobile broadband, they won’t miss any opportunities while waiting for the physical link to be delivered. The company can now set up an interim connectivity link in days without being distracted from their core business.

A network you can rely on

Our SD-WAN solution helped the company strengthen the foundations of solid freight and logistics management. They don’t have to struggle with performance outages anymore, and the stability of the service has exceeded all their expectations. We also deployed a managed security solution to ensure that the company’s employees can stay confidently connected, no matter where they are. Our global reach and uninterrupted service help them make sure that every freight reaches its final destination, even in the most remote corners of the world.

Why choose us?

Quick response to last-minute requests

Interim connectivity links

Secure and reliable SD-WAN network

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