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Connecting the digital world

Over the past decade, industries have literally been shaped by advancements in communication infrastructure. Today, we’re on the cusp of another big change with the introduction of 5G.

It’s exciting to think about the changes coming our way, and how technology will transform many of the usual ways of doing things in the workplace. Smart ideas like TOBi the AI customer service agent is one project we’ve been working on.

But dramatic change can also mean disruption, and for some that can be more of a cause for concern than excitement.

To help address those concerns, here are ways Vodafone is helping our business customers prepare for the future.

Providing customers with the infrastructure they need

As the way of the world changes, we need to change what we’re working with.

That’s why we’ve implemented a global project to upgrade our fixed and mobile network infrastructure. In the past five years, we’ve invested over €48bn in our services to ensure they are future ready with common operational and management standards.

This decision to strengthen our networks is more than just business as usual; it means we’re building ourselves the best possible foundation to implement new capabilities like 5G and SDN.

This means that our customers will be able to adopt and see benefit from these new technologies at the earliest stages – allowing them to keep ahead of their competitors and a changing customer landscape.

Our focus on developing services which deliver real business outcomes has also led us to create Vodafone Cloud, a global platform for communication that will help our customers become more flexible and agile.

We stand on the precipice of a future world where choice and ease of access will become the norm. Products and services will be available from anywhere to anywhere in the world all at a touch of a button. At Vodafone, we are committed to accelerating this journey for our customers.

Finding firsts with 5G

There are other reasons why we see value in this large scale investment in our network – we like to be the first to do things.

In 1985, we made the UK’s first mobile phone call above a chip shop in Newbury, Berkshire. Just over three decades later we made the first 5G enabled holographic call from our Newbury HQ.

This call represented a huge leap forward in the transition from mobile connectivity to ultra-reliable, fast wireless communication. It’s a journey that will fundamentally change the way we live.

And we’re still keen to lead the way. We’ve set up 5G innovation centres around the world to pioneer this game-changing technology (pun intended) and enable our customers to prepare for its arrival.

With pilot schemes being built in more than ten cities around the world, Vodafone Business customers will be among the first to see what a 5G future is really like.

Do something different

It can be difficult to know where to start in order to keep up with new technology and disruptive competition. But one thing’s for sure, those who stand still will be left behind.

That’s why we’re driving change within the communications sector – helping Vodafone Business and our customers stay ahead.

Find out more about what we’re working on to embrace digital transformation here.

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