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GlobalData name Vodafone a Leader in Managed Mobility Services

14 Mar 2023

We’re delighted that leading analyst GlobalData has recognised Vodafone Business as a Leader in its latest report on the global enterprise mobility services market – for the 8th time!!

Vodafone GlobalData Graph

This year we outperformed the managed mobility market - read more details in the Global Enterprise Mobility Services Competitive Landscape Market report:

We’re seeing success in our 5G

We know that network coverage is important to customers. And we deliver a great network, with 5G in 12 countries, covering almost 350 European cities (more than anyone else), our own mobile network in 21 countries across Europe and Africa; and our fixed network reaches over 180 countries. We’re already a leader in 4G and 5G mobile private networks (MPNs) and recently introduced Collaborative Worker, Safe Worker, and Augmented Worker programs, which bundle

hardware, software, and connectivity for these particular use cases. At MWC 2023 we showcased an industry first, showing how you can now run a 5G network built on the credit-card sized Raspberry Pi.

Our DLM (Device Lifecycle Management) achieved double market growth

Proving that our customers care about the planet, and that they want to work with a provider who takes sustainability seriously. We work hard to support the circular economy for mobiles. Our approach helps customers maximise re-use of their devices and minimise waste. We work together to be more sustainable. Our Green zero carbon DLM (Device Lifecycle Management) service means end-of-contract mobile phones and tablets are redeployed and refurbished. Those devices that cannot be refurbished are all recycled. We give customers peace of mind when it comes to managing and securing their mobile devices. Our DLM and UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) services let customers remotely manage and secure their fleet of mobile phones and tablets. Our Mobile Threat Defense and managed security solutions provide an added layer of protection.

Vodafone is committed to delivering sustainable telecoms. We are leading the way in Europe with our green network, which is now powered by 100% renewable energy. As a business, our goal is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Innovation and Roadmap

And we’re continually innovating. Customers can now manage their entire base of mobile devices using our DLM service, whether or not all the devices are using Vodafone’s network. The existing device estate can be inherited and fully serviced whilst providing a simple and straightforward transition. Customers will now have a one-stop-shop where all their smartphone and tablet estate will be supported by one partner. This is a big plus for customers who use more than one mobile operator and different device providers. We’re also looking at how we extend DLM to cover more devices than just mobiles and tablets with our Vodafone Business Managed Laptops capability. In today’s hybrid world of work, it’s not just your mobile phone and tablet that you carry around every day.

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