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Driving digital operations

Make your business smarter, faster and data-driven

Do things faster, better, bigger

The digital acceleration we all experienced during 2020 has set the stage for the businesses of the future. From hospitals using 5G to carry out complex surgeries remotely, to pharmaceutical companies using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to monitor the quality and delivery of medicine across the supply chain, technology is changing operations across the globe.

Efficiency is what every business strives for – doing things faster, better, bigger. It means getting everything — and everyone — to work together smoothly, make the most of available resources, and maximise outputs while reducing costs. And technology is paving the way forwards — from the use of Mobile Private Networks (MPN) at manufacturing plants and real-time IoT asset tracking for goods in transit, to Edge Computing for real-time data capture, automation and immediate response. Here, you’ll find the information and resources you need to create truly efficient operations.

Prepare for a digital future

Digital technologies unlock opportunities for everyone — we’re already seeing how they can transform the way we work and adapt to customer expectations. From rapid data collection using 5G and cloud computing to real-time monitoring and device management through IoT, truly “digital” operations provide end-to-end visibility and control over every facet of business.
But knowing what the technology does and using it effectively are two different things. The challenge for businesses today isn’t just preparing for the future, but being ahead of the competition in embracing it.

In our guide to digital operations, we explore how businesses can use current and emerging technologies and communications infrastructure to scale and seize the opportunities of the future

Create robust, reliable and scalable supply chains

Today’s supply chains are complex, tightly integrated and more often than not, global. But as we all discovered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they can be fragile. Disruptions to manufacturing or shipping, for example, have the power to derail the entire supply chain. This is particularly problematic when customer demands are growing: they want things quicker (same and next-day delivery) and they want them to arrive in a sustainable fashion, regardless of problems. .
Consequently, brands and businesses find themselves in a position where their operations need to evolve. They need to take advantage of the technology and connectivity that exists today to create robust, reliable and end-to-end supply chains. Ones that not only meet expectations but operate in a more sustainable and future-proofed way.
Low-cost asset tracking, real-time monitoring and control, AI-enabled decision-making — all of these technologies have a role to play in the smart supply chain of the future.

We’re already seeing the changes — and these technologies are providing businesses with more control and time than ever. If you’re looking to create a smart supply chain, our guide can help.

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