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With Distributed Edge Computing, Xpllore can revolutionise learning through immersive experiences

01 Jul 2021

About Xpllore

Xpllore is a tech start-up that uses cloud-based Virtual Reality (VR) technology to create immersive experiences that revolutionise the way people learn, design and communicate.


Xpllore’s exceptional real-time user experiences requires data to move and be processed quickly. Performing this function at the edge via low latency connectivity is essential to avoid issues with hardware such as screen freezing, or the feeling of nausea brought on when using the headset with high latency.

Xpllore’s solution also needed to be future-proofed to manage higher bandwidth requirements of the latest VR applications and support the inevitable demand for ever-higher quality graphics.

Using Distributed Edge with AWS Wavelength

  • Xpllore can benefit from the high-speed of 5G and the high responsiveness and low latency
  • Xpllore can keep up with and support advancements in the quality of VR graphics and help prevent issues with VR equipment
  • Their offering can be easily deployed on the upcoming 5G VR headsets


Xpllore is rapidly moving towards realising their vision of making visual learning significantly more accessible. Through immersive experiences, they allow learners to confidently try new ways of working, increases hands-on learning time and help students retain information better even when remote.

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