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With Distributed Edge Computing, Sportable can deliver game-changing insights for rugby in real time

16 Jun 2021

Sportable deliver game-changing real-time insights for rugby using Distributed Edge Computing.

About Sportable

Sportable’s wearable and ball-embedded proprietary technology is a real game-changer in contact sports such as rugby. Its Match Tracker technology captures every movement on the pitch, delivering real-time insights to fans, coaches, officials and broadcasters.


To realise these opportunities, Sportable needs to be able to scale out its Match Tracker technology in a flexible and agile way to elite sporting leagues right across the UK and beyond – something not possible with either public internet or LAN.

Using Distributed Edge with AWS Wavelength


  • Faster and more secure connectivity than the public internet and significantly less expensive to roll out and run than LAN
  • An agile, flexible and rapid deployment that avoids the transportation, long installation time, costs and potential tripping hazards of having to deploy servers and on-site LAN cable deployment at each rugby stadium
  • Demonstrates far greater reliability and significantly lower latency than the public internet in order to provide real-time insights to coaches and fans
  • Less reliance on portable pitch-side servers at each game, which are inconvenient to deploy and expensive to transport, maintain and insure, with any cost savings being passed onto the customer


Sportable can now roll out its Match Tracker technology to stadiums across the UK more efficiently and without compromising on latency. With more teams getting access to affordable real-time insights, everyone – fans, coaches, officials, clubs and players – can be a winner.

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