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10 May 2022






  • Checking employees’ skin temperature
  • Avoiding large crowds in the building
  • Making employees feel safe in the office


  • Setting up a thermal camera
  • Establishing an exit route for people with symptoms
  • Installing sensors above the doors


  • Providing health screening at the entrance
  • Checking real-time occupancy in each room
  • Less crowded common areas

Welcome back to the office: helping Gilead create a COVID-secure workplace

The customer and the challenge

Health comes first 

The impossible is simply what hasn’t been achieved yet. That’s what moves Gilead, a Spanish biopharmaceutical company when discovering, developing and delivering innovative therapeutics for people living with life-threatening diseases. They keep on with their research to create a healthier world for all of us. And not even COVID-19 could stop them from moving forward.

Better safe than sorry

Gilead didn’t wait for the pandemic to hit – they decided to take this matter into their own hands. Their employees had already been working from home when the Spanish government declared the state of emergency. Gilead provided them with computers, ergonomic chairs, desks and screens to help them set up a home office where they could feel secure and comfortable.

Returning to the office

Gilead knew how to adapt quickly to our changing world as the concept of home office wasn’t entirely new to them. But returning to the office in the middle of a pandemic was something they had never done before. As putting their employees’ health at risk was out of the question, they asked our help to create a COVID-safe workplace.

How we helped them

Welcome to our IoT world 

Their goal was to create a working environment where people feel safe and protected, even when entering common areas. We knew that they needed the latest IoT systems to ensure a safe and smooth return to the office.

Safety starts at the front door

Gilead wanted to keep their employees safe from the moment they entered the building. That’s why we set up a thermal camera at the entrance to take their skin temperature. We also established an exit route so that anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms could leave the building immediately.

Preventive IoT

We installed sensors above the doors to count the number of people entering and leaving each area. Thanks to a traffic light system connected to these sensors, employees can check the occupancy of the rooms outside and decide in advance if it’s still safe to enter.

Connecting people through technology

At first, using the right technology gave Gilead employees the peace of mind and the flexibility to work from their homes. And when the time came, we provided them with tools that allow a safe return to their office. They can now work together securely, no matter where they are. “Vodafone is one of our key technology partners. Thanks to Vodafone, we have tools we wouldn’t have otherwise.” – concludes Juan Ignacio de Azpiazu, IT Manager at Gilead Sciences.

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