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15 Feb 2022

Helping KX systems and Cradlepoint revolutionise fleet management

Helping KX systems and Cradlepoint revolutionise fleet management


Helping KX systems and Cradlepoint revolutionise fleet management


Helping KX systems and Cradlepoint revolutionise fleet management


Helping KX systems and Cradlepoint revolutionise fleet management



  • Managing and tracking fleet of cars
  • Constant real-time analytics
  • Reliable and secure connectivity


  • 5G network from Vodafone
  • AWS Wavelength edge computing


  • Providing real-time data
  • High bandwidth and speed
  • Cyber resilient connection

Tracking vehicles with MEC: helping KX and Cradlepoint revolutionise fleet management


The customer and the challenge

Experts in their own fields

KX started out in the financial services sector, providing unrivalled streaming analytics technology in many data-intensive areas. They’re now active in various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, energy, utilities and telecommunications. Cradlepoint provides wireless edge solutions connecting fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, field forces and IoT devices anywhere. 

United in business

We worked together with KX and Cradlepoint on a pilot Multi-Access Edge Computing project as part of our Edge Innovation Programme. KX wanted to deliver real-time analytics, driver behaviour information and diagnostic data from their fleets of vehicles to better understand the movement of their cars. They realised that connected vehicles would work well with a Cradlepoint router installed to monitor these data points.

Keeping vehicles connected and safe

Whether a car is on the highway or stuck in a traffic jam, connectivity is crucial to monitor its location and the driver’s behaviour. It helps you make fast decisions and eventually control vehicles when the era of autonomous driving comes.

How we helped them

Access your data anytime

KX and Cradlepoint’s solution relies on Vodafone 5G Network and AWS Wavelength technology to facilitate collecting real-time insights. They moved the computing power closer to the edge of the network to make ultra-low latency data communications possible.

Always there when you need us

Using our 5G network, KX and Cradlepoint get high bandwidth and speed. 5G ensures that they can count on us to record the data collected from the vehicles and make it visible when every second counts. KX relies on Vodafone’s network and we make sure that their solution always performs at high levels.

Becoming cyber resilient

KX and Cradlepoint use 5G from Vodafone instead of public internet or on-street Wi-Fi. That’s how they ensure that their data does not fall into the wrong hands. This means they are the only parties assessing their information through their devices.

Building the future

KX and Cradlepoint are some of the first German companies working with Vodafone and AWS to shape the future of vehicle management together. “This is a really progressive technology for Europe, and globally, because there is no other combination of vendors right now that can enable and implement distributed computing and develop solutions in this environment.” – says Thomas Degen, Solutions Architect at KX.

Why choose us?

The first in Europe to offer this technology, Vodafone and our partners are leading innovation in industry

Leveraging our cloud partnership with hyperscalers

Offering support at every stage of the project

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