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22 Feb 2022

Helping Prysmian reach their digital ambition

Helping Prysmian reach their digital ambition



  • Becoming a digital leader
  • Providing remote data collection
  • Connecting all monitoring systems


  • Global IoT services in193 destinations
  • Access to real-time data
  • Centralised connectivity management


  • Using different data transmission technologies
  • Predicting anomalies in the cables
  • Continuous monitoring of electrical assets

Shaping the future of cable systems: helping Prysmian reach their digital ambition



The customer and the challenge

More than a cable supplier

As a supplier of energy and telecommunication cables, Prysmian wants to show the world that energy transition, digitalisation and sustainability are simply new opportunities to grow. And as a leader and role model in their industry, they always stick to their commitment.

Going digital in their own way

Instead of a usual transformation, Prysmian Group has chosen its own path towards digitalisation with their strategy called “digital ambition”. They want to build their digital future on what they already have. Complementing their traditional business with digital services and solutions is a chance to deliver greater value to their customers. That’s why they wanted to become a data-driven company by developing a new data culture while remaining ethical and sustainable.

Paving the way for a digital industry

They have made it to the top of the market by providing cables, but they must provide solutions to become a digital leader. That’s why they needed help to move forward on their digital journey. To start with, high performance and global coverage were essential to connect their monitoring systems all over the world in a wireless way and provide their customers with reliable technology. “We need reliable partners. And Vodafone Business is one of these” – says Stefano Brandinali, CIO at Prysmian Group.

How we helped them

Collecting data anywhere, anytime

Prysmian’s customers are becoming more interested in remote data collection to keep up with today’s unstable market. “Vodafone Business solutions have helped us provide this type of service quickly, in a reliable way and with highly advanced performance.” – adds Roberto Candela, CEO at Prysmian Electronics.

Monitoring cables has never gone so smoothly

Vodafone helped develop PRY-CAM for Prysmian Electronics, the Group’s subsidiary. This service allows them to manage and assess the condition of electrical assets remotely and avoid the need for offline checks. What’s more, PRY-CAM can predict any failure or anomaly by collecting real-time data from the cables.

A partnership beyond expectations

Prysmian enjoys the benefits of centralised connectivity management and maintenance, enhanced cybersecurity and access to real-time data. They can now use different data transmission technologies such as Narrowband IoT, 2G and 4G networks simultaneously. And managing their business has also become easier. Our global IoT services distributed in 193 destinations through more than 500 networks is a perfect match for Prysmian Electronics’ international presence.

Why choose us?

Centralised connectivity management

Global IoT services

Remote data collection

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