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A case study with smart Europe GmbH

04 Oct 2023


  • Avoiding data loss and damage

  • Preventing vehicle theft

  • Connecting assets and vehicles

  • Vodafone Business Cloud Connect

  • Reliable IoT and mobile connectivity

  • A complete anti-theft alarm system

  • Connected EVs across Europe

  • Secure data transfer to the cloud

  • Minimised risk of theft and tow-away

Smart Gmbh

smart Europe GmbH

The customer and the challenge

Driving the future of green mobility

The leading automotive company smart Europe GmbH is committed to opening new doors for urban mobility. They provide their customers with a unique and powerful driving experience through their premium-quality electric vehicles (EVs) across Europe. Thanks to the combination of sophisticated design, future-proof technology and a sustainable mindset, it’s never been easier to reduce the impact on the environment while enjoying all the benefits of seamless, connected mobility. They’ve already launched smart #1, the first model of their new product portfolio, in Germany and France and they’ll introduce it into further European markets as well.

Innovation starts with data security

The company pioneers in shaping the future of electric vehicle manufacturing with innovative solutions. Their research and development team analyses vehicle data to detect attacks or anomalies and prevent them in a timely manner. As they can’t afford data loss and damage, they needed a cost-efficient and reliable solution to transfer the data from the EVs to their private cloud in a completely secure way.

Let’s give thieves a hard time

But vehicle data is not the only thing that smart Europe GmbH needs to keep secure. They also have to protect their EVs against versatile forms of vehicle crime, including tow-away and theft. The company was looking for security systems and devices that could help them make their cars a hard target for criminals. Vodafone Business not only helped them connect their assets intelligently with IoT, but also gave them peace of mind that both critical data and their EVs stay in the right hands.

How we helped them

Securing the journey from vehicles to the cloud

We’ve provided smart Europe GmbH with IoT connectivity and SIM profiles to monitor vehicle performance and we’ve also made sure that the data collected from each SIM reaches the cloud over a secure tunnel. Our Cloud Connect fixed connectivity solution offers private, real-time connection between the IoT SIM cards and leading cloud providers by isolating the information from other customer traffic data. Using our secure and high-performance connectivity channel, smart Europe GmbH can transfer the data from EVs running across Europe to their AWS cloud in Germany for further analysis. Cloud Connect has not only allowed the company to minimise the risk of data loss but also to grow savings. It’s more cost-efficient than traditional solutions relying on IPVPN and MPLS.

Smart cars deserve smart alarms

Leveraging Vodafone Automotive’s proven expertise and track record in high-quality vehicle security products, smart Europe GmbH has equipped its EVs with a complete alarm system. The sensors provide maximised protection against all kinds of theft attempts to prevent vehicle lifting and tow-away. Thanks to our strong collaboration and proactive approach, we install each component of the alarm system on smart’s own production line.

One provider, countless benefits

We provide smart Europe GmbH with a wide range of services including mobile, fixed and IoT connectivity combined with Vodafone Automotive anti-theft components. “We believe that our partnership with Vodafone as our new reliable cloud connect partner will add a new source of value to the business of smart Europe. As strategic advisors, Procurement provides stability to our enterprise through supply chain assurance and cost reduction” says Wen Chen, Head of Procurement at smart Europe. “In this regard, the possibility to experience the advantages of having a sole supplier providing consistent service and uninterrupted support across various markets is very attractive." The company can always rely on our trusted partnership and end-to-end capabilities throughout its digital journey towards the future of connected mobility. We’re excited to support smart Europe GmbH with its future ambitions in the field of autonomous driving through our Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) and Digital Asset Broker (DAB) platforms.

Find out more about how we're enabling global enterprises like smart Europe GmbH and how we're leveraging our global network capabilities.

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