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17 Dec 2021


  • Extending Controlant’s global reach
  • Managing devices via a single platform


  • Access to our IoT connectivity platform
  • Ready-made APIs


  • Providing real-time data
  • Swift solutions to unforeseen obstacles
  • Safe shipping of COVID-19 vaccines

Real-time monitoring: helping Controlant reinvent the cold chain



The customer and the challenge

Controlant’s supply chain visibility solution reduces waste for critical pharmaceuticals and food within the cold chain  
Every year, failure to maintain environmental quality conditions and logistics delays in the supply chain cause the wastage of billions of dollars’ worth of high-value perishable goods. In the biopharma industry alone, this is estimated to be $35 billion annually. Additionally, over 20% of food products are spoilt during shipment. Icelandic technology specialist, Controlant, provides manufacturers, carriers and their partners with real-time supply chain data, so they can always keep track of their products and intervene when a problem arises, and even prevent products from spoiling in transit. Thanks to Controlant, businesses can safely monitor and track shipments, show compliance and ultimately ensure safety, security and quality for their end customers.

Controlant’s devices give companies detailed tracking information
When delivering temperature-sensitive products, quality and integrity are vital. That’s why Controlant provides its customers with real-time data on temperature, location and light events, ensuring that each link in the supply chain has the necessary information to keep their products in optimal condition.

Cold Chain-as-a-Service, globally
Controlant offers its monitoring solutions across the globe and aims to become an extension of every customer’s supply chain process. To achieve this goal, it needed a partner with a worldwide reach and a single platform to reliably manage connectivity, data and devices.

How we helped them

Global monitoring – 200k connected units around the world
Controlant’s solution relies on Vodafone Business’ IoT connectivity, which is provided to them by Vodafone Iceland, a partnership that has grown since 2009. Vodafone Business global IoT SIMs, which can be used in over 182 countries over 500 networks, are employed by Controlant in every device and offer instant global access to Vodafone’s world-leading managed IoT connectivity platform.

“We have worked in close partnership with Vodafone Iceland and their IoT service offering, which we feel surpasses the competition”

Controlant CEO, Gisli Herjolfsson.

Scale in a secure and managed way
Vodafone Business IoT already connects over 120 million devices worldwide. Controlant has integrated this proven capability into its business systems through ready-made APIs, allowing them to expand, scale and operate safely and reliably across the globe.
Monitor. Alert. Optimise.
Controlant’s devices can be placed in trucks, on pallets and in shipping boxes, which then transmit data on a range of conditions back to the company’s data centre. Real-time data is shared with customers to alert them to potential issues or optimise routes while giving business owners the compliance information to meet official regulations and peace of mind that their products are safe and secure.
Helping deliver when it matters the most
Controlant is now working with pharmaceutical manufacturers, carriers, healthcare facilities, governments and distribution sites to enable the secure tracking and monitoring of billions of COVID-19 vaccines during shipment, from origin sites to their arrival at vaccination sites around the world.

Why choose us?

Simplified management of devices from a single platform

Leveraging our global footprint

Ensuring transparency through the supply chain

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