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Real estate keeps up to date with Vodafone Analytics

12 May 2020

Big data plays a key role in JLL’s advisory services

With 80,000 employees and more than 300 offices, international real estate consultancy JLL was looking for a digital transformation partner to adapt their systems to the market’s changing needs. Their focus was on offering more accurate real estate data to their customers.

JLL required strategic information on entire cities and streets. They needed a big data tool which:

  • was tailored to real estate
  • could strengthen their strategic consultancy services in Spain
  • provided information to understand the real estate market in new ways

“Vodafone Analytics data has changed the way we provide consultancy services. It is our real differentiator.”

Isaac Pernas, JLL CIO, Southern Europe

The Vodafone Business solution

JLL chose Vodafone Analytics for big data solutions. The consultancy offers market analysis adjusted to each client’s needs, providing strategic information that is key to business success.

Vodafone Analytics includes aggregated and anonymous data, and helps JLL customers to:

  • detect people’s movement patterns
  • predict future behaviour
  • plan different actions, such as investments, disinvestments, etc.

JLL supports customers in making decisions on real estate investment using data from Vodafone Analytics, paired with other internal and external data sources.


Thanks to Vodafone Analytics, JLL was able to segment the information with a level of detail that was previously unattainable without traveling to these locations. The analysis includes details such as gender, the age range of pedestrians moving in specific zones, their purchasing power or origin, all based on their smartphone data.

JLL can now offer added value to their clients by providing more accurate and segmented data with Vodafone Analytics.

Vodafone Analytics-JLL case study

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