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29 Mar 2022

Vodafone Business My Logistics Biotrack helps Sorgenia optimise the biomass supply chain



  • Verifying the origin of raw materials
  • Making the supply chain more transparent
  • Ensuring continuous supply of biomass


  • Providing real-time traffic data
  • Offering a platform to share documents
  • Centralising and homogenising data


  • Enhanced collaboration with suppliers
  • More efficient tracing of raw materials
  • Accelerated onboarding phase

No more paperwork: helping Sorgenia optimise the biomass supply chain


Sorgenia Bioenergie

The customer and the challenge

Renewing the future with biomass energy

The world is moving away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy. Sorgenia Bioenergie keeps the Italian national grid stable, even when other renewable resources are not available. The group is a leading provider of biomass electricity, playing a key role in the energy transition by shaping the bioenergy sector.

Sustainability comes first

Sorgenia takes sustainability seriously. They not only transform woody or agricultural biomass into electricity but also take care of the reusable combustion residues. Their plants are equipped with emission treatment systems and they mostly work with providers operating in the surrounding territories. To comply with all legal requirements, Sorgenia must verify the origin of the raw materials they use based on the documentations provided by about 300 carriers.

Your data in the right hands

Sorgenia used different processes and tools in each plant to manage their data, but they wanted to centralise it to make the supply chain more traceable and transparent. They needed the right system to ensure continuous supply of biomass and seamless operation of their plants. Our Vodafone Business My Logistics Biotrack solution met their needs and helped them kick off their digital journey.

How we helped them

Collaboration has never been easier

We helped Sorgenia automate the entire process and enjoy the benefits of real-time collaboration. Biotrack allows them to authorise the arrival of vehicles at the unloading yard and their suppliers to share their documents in a digital format or track the status of their deliveries.

Verification is one click away

MyLogistics allowed Sorgenia to say no to paperwork and make the onboarding phase easier for their suppliers. They can now verify documents in advance and check the quality of raw materials before authorising the unloading process. After analysing the biomass samples, external laboratories can enter the results directly on the portal to speed up the monthly accounting closing processes.

All your data in one place

By accelerating the onboarding phase, tracing raw materials has become 20 to 30% more efficient. Our app saves suppliers from being stuck in long queues by showing them the number of vehicles arriving at the unloading areas. What’s more, additional features allow operators to print out labels of samples from their tablets or to detect the weight of their cargo. Biotrack provides stakeholders with the data they need to make more informed decisions at all stages of the process.

Speeding up and moving forward

We managed to integrate their existing sensors used for data collection and launch the platform in only 4 months thanks to our ready-to-use solution. Our partnership helped Sorgenia accelerate their digital transformation and offer them the right tools to enhance collaboration with their suppliers. “The path we have started together with Vodafone Business paves the way for other opportunities to introduce new technologies within our processes.” ­says Alessandra Gagliardi, IT Manager at Sorgenia. Our plan is to further customise the reporting component to provide them with more detailed analysis on the traffic or the volume of the material processed.

Why choose us?

Centralised data management

Real-time digital collaboration

Ready-to-use IoT solutions

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