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Never Losing Track: helping TrackTec always keep an eye on their customers’ assets

12 Jan 2021

The customer and the challenge

TrackTec’s goal is simple: to give their customers ease of mind about their most valuable resources

The Chilean company is currently responsible for monitoring thousands of units in South America, making sure that their clients always know how their operations stand at any given time. Flexible and creative with their solutions, they help track, monitor and maintain a range of assets for industry-leading customers with medium and large size commercial fleets. This means their partners can feel more secure and leave that extra bit of stress behind.

TrackTec offers a variety of customisable tracking solutions in four different areas

The company deals with customers across public transport, transportation, private transport, machine management. They use cameras and other devices to make sure that they’re not only tracking the location of a given asset, but also monitor habits, performance or even pre-empt problems before they occur. For example, with transport vehicles, they are able to monitor driver habits and set up rankings based on driver performance, helping their customers learn about their employees. Predictive maintenance has reduced costs by approximately 20% over a 5-year period.

Improving service and opening new doors…

TrackTec was ready to take the next step. They needed a communications partner who could simplify their current operations and give access to new business opportunities in South America.

How we helped them

Communication as easy as one, two, three

When you’re in the tracking business, communication is key. With our reliable network, TrackTec can now connect their devices with ease and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. We take care of the rest.

No more switching

Previously, TrackTec worked with a number of different providers, so the vehicles they tracked often had to switch SIM cards as they travelled. With our partnerships across South America, there’s no need for such nuisances.

Access to key new markets

Our network helps TrackTec expand into new countries across South America, allowing them to secure new partnerships and develop their brand in new regions.

Why choose us?

Access to our global footprint and IoT expertise

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A wide range of benefits at a competitive price

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