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10 May 2022

SICLI Case Study

SICLI Case Study


  • Responding quickly to last-minute requests
  • Saving fuel to reduce costs
  • Monitoring vehicles’ location and capacity


  • Vehicle data collection in real time
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Mileage and fuel consumption tracking


  • Scheduled maintenance
  • The first step towards the transition to EV fleets
  • More informed business decisions

Managing digital fleets: helping Sicli make data-driven business decisions



The customer and the challenge

One hundred years of fire protection

Sicli has a long history of paving the way for the firefighting sector. The company has been providing its customers with active and passive fire protection services combined with health and safety solutions since 1925. Sicli believes in continuous improvement and technology helps it monitor its fleet of 50 vehicles to manage incidents more quickly and efficiently.

Always on time, every time

Ensuring service reliability when it comes to last-minute requests is a must for Sicli to keep its customers safe. Responding quickly to a vehicle breakdown or other unexpected events is extremely reassuring for their customers. Sicli has to manage its fleet in real time to monitor its teams’ capacity, know its vehicles’ location and choose the best routes to make sure that help is on its way. The company also needs to think long-term to optimise its fleet and reduce costs by saving fuel. Collecting data also helps it schedule maintenance, avoid unexpected issues and extend the life of its vehicles.

Driving into a digital future

The company was aware that taking care of its fleet was the key to keep its customers and employees safe. That’s why Sicli started its technological transformation in 2017. At first, the company provided its workforce with tablets to manage maintenance activities and develop an IT system to ensure end-to-end management of its operations. To make the most out of connected automotive technologies and its fleet’s potential, Sicli started looking for the right partner who could support it on its digital journey.

How we helped them

Never losing track of your vehicles

Thanks to Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, Sicli can now monitor its fleet in real time and track its vehicles using the data updated every 30 seconds. Our solution enhances route planning and communication to make sure that Sicli always knows where its vehicles are. Digitalisation has a significant impact on both the company’s external and internal resources and allows it to provide immediate response to emergency calls and handle unplanned interventions. We have integrated Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics with Sicli’s data system and provided it with the right accessories based on the company’s business needs. 

Healthier vehicles for a greener business

Sicli is committed to providing its customers with fire protection, but Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics helps the company avoid firefighting in its own business and enable it to plan ahead. Reliable data collection in real time makes it possible for Sicli to monitor its vehicles’ health, schedule maintenance, track mileage and fuel consumption and run customisable reports. This allows Sicli to forecast costs in advance and take the first steps towards managing an electric fleet. Our solution, suitable for fleets of any size and vehicle types, helps the company grow its business and make it more sustainable at the same time.

Data helps you make the right decision

Our fleet management system has become an integral part of Sicli’s business and enables it to access detailed vehicle data and related features through a single platform. Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics not only makes fleet management more efficient but also helps Sicli make more informed, data-driven choices to build a greener future for its business. “In an increasingly connected world, digitising business processes and operations is a strategic decision. Vodafone Business gives us the peace of mind to have a reliable and professional partner.” affirms Giulio Favretti, Managing Director at Sicli.

Why choose us?

Reliable vehicle data collection in real time

A platform to manage fleets of any size and vehicle types

Support for the transition to electric fleets

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