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29 Mar 2022




  • Extending their digital transformation
  • Customising and scheduling communications
  • Adjusting advertising to urban context


  • Collecting aggregated data
  • Creating customer profiles
  • Segmenting data by location


  • Obtaining more qualitative data
  • No more privacy issues
  • Taking advantage of seasonality

Making ads eye-catching: helping IGPDecaux digitalise outdoor advertising

Image- IGP-Decaux-logo


The customer and the challenge

All eyes on your brand

IGPDecaux knows how to use a billboard or street furniture to make your brand’s message stand out from the crowd at any airport or metro station. Constantly adapting to their customers’ needs and working together for a shared purpose, we helped them cope with uncertainty during COVID times.

Taking steps towards digitalisation

To become more digital, IGPDecaux changed their traditional posters to digital screens. Whilst it helped them become even more eye-catching, this was only the beginning. The next step was to rethink their processes, solutions, platforms and software. They want their customers’ digital communications to go “on air” in the right place, at the right time. This allowed a fashion brand to adjust their ads to current weather conditions. After all, who wants to buy sunglasses on a cloudy day?

Cities of opportunities

IGPDecaux is committed to continue with their digital transformation, while getting the most out of brand urbanisation. They want to create communication plans that fit perfectly into an urban lifestyle. Their goal is to exceed the potential of mobile and web ads by adding a physical and a contextual element to the digital content.

How we helped them

Data is power

Data is the key for IGPDecaux to better understand end consumers and make communications more relevant for them. “Vodafone Business solutions are helping us move from what was a simple perception to an objective element” –affirms Michele Casali, Marketing & Data Director. That’s how Vodafone Analytics helped them obtain far more qualitative data than ever before.

The right offer at the right time

Stop worrying about privacy concerns and get closer to your potential customers through anonymous and aggregated data. Vodafone Analytics’ proprietary algorithms will show you what your consumers' needs are during each season. Integrate your existing data with our solution to find out more.

Seeing the world through your customers’ eyes

Make sure that every digital screen deserves its place in the city. Vodafone Analytics can help you create customer profiles and segment your data by the users’ location. By choosing the best spot for your ads, you can convey the right message for the right people. Our solution has served IGPDecaux well during the Milan Design Week. Vodafone data helps them create multi-channel communication plans to attract foreign visitors attending the event.

Why choose us?

Anonymous and aggregated data

Customer profiling

Data segmentation

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