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01 Jul 2021


Keyless is a privacy-first biometric authentication solution that makes the authentication processes for digital payments faster and safer for any user on any device.


Keyless’s authentication process involves capturing, encrypting, fragmenting and matching a user’s biometric templates quickly and securely using privacy-first technology. Keyless wants to cut the time it takes to perform this compute-heavy process down from seconds to milliseconds.

Using Distributed Edge with AWS Wavelength

  • Handles this compute heavy authentication process near instantly
  • Means the encrypted fragments of biometric data don’t need to be sent to different cloud servers
  • Reduces latency to end users and customers by taking full advantage of the public cloud


Using Distributed Edge, Keyless can make real-time multi-factor authentication a reality for all end-users. This means the payments industry can embrace seamless biometric technology and end-users will benefit from instant and secure payment authentication

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