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25 Apr 2022


  • Focusing on active pest prevention
  • Accelerating Rentokil’s digital transformation
  • Developing AI, rich media and real-time analytics solutions


  • Integration of rich media into Rentokil’s IoT asset-management app
  • Data analysis using Vodafone Business App-Invent
  • Fast deployment of Rentokil’s Power Centre


  • Early pest detection and alerts via video analytics
  • Automated tracking, counting, and monitoring of pests
  • Piloting next-gen pest control solutions

IoT-driven pest control: helping Rentokil, the global leader in pest control, to enhance prevention measures using connected services and AI



The customer and the challenge

Moving pest control to the next level with technology

The traditional pest control market was dominated by manual processes, but technology has helped Rentokil stand out from its competitors and become a global leader in pest control and hygiene services. It already deploys tens of thousands of digitally connected devices to provide customers with enhanced services and increase efficiency. But this was just the beginning of Rentokil’s digital journey. 

Shifting from reaction to prevention 

Rentokil’s mission is to move away from reactively dealing with infestations to active pest prevention. As technology is central to this roadmap, Rentokil knew that developments in AI, rich media and real-time analytics would be key to supporting this evolution. This technology enables the team to spot signs of infestation much earlier in the process, allowing them to take prompt preventative action before the problem worsens. In addition, field technicians can now spend more time with customers on site discussing how to improve services even further. 

Joining forces to revolutionise pest control

Rentokil realised that delivering these results went beyond its existing in-house capabilities and needed trusted partners to support the journey. Through our Internet of Things (IoT) network, App-Invent platform and supporting teams of application experts, we were able to provide the capability required to accelerate its digital transformation journey towards the goal of reaching 25% of commercial customers with connected devices by 2026.

How we helped them

You bring pest control, we bring IoT

Through a series of fast-start proofs-of-concept, we have demonstrated our ability to put Rentokil’s ideas into action: integrating cameras and rich media into Rentokil’s IoT asset-management application to provide entirely new monitoring capabilities and insights such as early pest detection and alerts via video analytics. Our App-Invent platform combined with our global IoT connectivity analyses video and images and presents the extracted information through alerts and easy to understand web app reports. 

Shaping the future of pest prevention

Analysing rodent behaviour used to be a labour intensive, time-consuming job but our App-Invent platform combined with video analytics saves many hours of repetitive manual work and doubles the accuracy of the results. Innovative analytics enables automated tracking, counting, and monitoring of pests and insects, providing Rentokil’s technicians with fast access to accurate, quantitative data. This not only allows Rentokil to identify any early risk of infestation, but also gives information about regional and seasonal trends.

Experts backed by technology

We deal with connectivity and analysis to let Rentokil focus on its core business and improve services. We had Rentokil’s Power Centre innovation centre up and running in 3 months which paved the way for developing cutting-edge pest control solutions, to pilot in the field. Rentokil has a pipeline of next-generation pest-prevention services using digitally connected devices for its growing commercial customer base and we’re helping Rentokil to further push the innovation boundaries.

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