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01 Jul 2021


InterDigital invents solutions for advanced wireless and video technology to make more efficient broadband networks and richer video and multimedia experiences for businesses and consumers


To support Industry 4.0 use cases like zero-defect manufacturing, InterDigital’s solution relies on absolute precision built on near-real time remote control of devices and instant analytics.

Using Distributed Edge with AWS Wavelength

  • InterDigital enabled a reliable and high-quality twinning between physical devices and the remote digital applications controlling these devices.
  • The ultra-low latency of Edge and 5G allows applications like augmented robotic telepresence in factories to work in real-time and be highly responsive.
  • The applications are connected to any number of terminal devices (such as cameras and robots) using 5G network guaranteeing high bandwidth connectivity


Using Distributed Edge, InterDigital can better support applications like ‘zero-defect’ manufacturing. This has the potential to unlock huge benefits for the Industry 4.0, allowing businesses to pioneer new products

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