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A case study with a healthcare company

07 Sep 2022


  • Keeping patient data safe
  • Having secure storage for this data
  • Providing instant access for staff


  • Managed Detection and Response
  • 24/7 alert monitoring
  • Full visibility via the MDR portal


  • Reduced security-related storage costs
  • Less workload on internal security teams
  • Fit for the future protection

The customer and the challenge

Looking after sensitive patient data

A medical centre was looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to monitor and manage their IT security. As they keep sensitive data on their patients in the system, they needed a partner who could understand the healthcare industry, comply with its specific requirements, understand what it takes to secure this data and provide a solution that would match their unique needs and clinical excellence.

Providing the best treatment

Healthcare providers are especially aware of the risks of the digital world and are looking to build resilience to ensure business continuity and patient safety. Data must be in safe hands, stored securely and with instant access, so that they can provide the best treatments and assess each case as effectively as possible.

How we helped them

24/7 monitoring and full visibility

As the customer takes security seriously, they spent 6 months analysing the available options and decided to sign a 3-year contract with Vodafone Business for our Managed Detection and Response ​(MDR) service.

With Vodafone Business Managed Detection and Response, our security specialists identified the possible threats in their system and provided 24/7 alert monitoring, full visibility thanks to the MDR portal and increased, proactive security.


We provided the customer with the expertise and services they needed, giving them affordable access to world-class security solutions. We analysed, identified and escalated security incidents to prevent intrusions and monitor their logs to make sure that we spot any sign of malicious activity in time.

We’re building a security network across continents to make our Managed Detection and Response service more efficient globally. Thanks to our 6 security operation centres based in the US, the UK, India, Australia, Singapore and Japan, we were able to provide an enhanced, secure patient database and network.

The customer has continuous support with reduced security-related storage costs, enhanced compliance and less workload on the internal security teams.

Why choose us?

Security simplified: one bill, all in one place

Proven to protect over 150 million IoT devices globally

Fit for the future protection, integrated partnerships

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