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Enhancing the customer experience

22 Jan 2020

HDI Assicurazioni chooses Vodafone Automotive to increase safety and reward its best Customers.


Helping HDI with telematics solutions

Helping HDI with telematics solutions

Vodafone Business telematics offering allowed HDI to develop the motor car insurance policy “HDI Insieme” to manage road assistance to customers effectively and to significantly improve their rapid response times in vehicle insurance claims.

Business Need

In the non-life insurance sector, HDI Assicurazioni is a company that is decidedly retail-oriented: the majority of its clientele are end-customers who own and drive cars, although there is no shortage of offers for company fleets and lorries. In addition to counting on 500 agents throughout Italy and its partnership with Banca Sella which operates as an insurance product distributor, HDI decided to strengthen its offer in the vehicle sector with a telematics option that is second to none - helping HDI to continue to grow at a faster rate than the market.

HDI Assicurazioni therefore began to hunt through the telematics solutions available on the market, first of all evaluating the quality of service in terms of speed of response and availability but also the ability to identify false alarms, a common issue for telematics insurance businesses.


Of all the solutions on the market, HDI were most convinced by the offering from Vodafone Automotive. The ability to identify and manage false alarms was an important factor, but there were other aspects which drew HDI towards Vodafone. The potential for scalability was a key differentiator as HDI is part of a large group of companies. The insurer was also convinced by their shared philosophy in putting customer relationships at the heart of corporate strategy.

The project to activate the telematics service started at the beginning of 2018. After the requirements analysis and scouting phases, the partnership with Vodafone was signed in the spring of 2019 and is now fully operational.

“The expected benefits relate to the opportunity for better customer selection in terms of profitability, studying driving styles and therefore being able to ensure everyone gets the right price for their policy,” says Roberto Mosca, CEO and General Manager of HDI Assicurazioni. “This will make it possible to enjoy two types of benefit: one for the company, which can improve its combined ratio, and one for the most honest and safe customers who will be able to benefit from cheaper premiums. In this process, as HDI is not a technology company, we found Vodafone to be the ideal partner thanks to its great capacity for innovation and the expertise of both the multinational company’s technicians and the network installers.”

Business Benefits

  • Vodafone is able to support the group to which HDI Assicurazioni belongs in any future development; both in volumes of contracts managed and expansion of telematics solutions to other sectors.
  • Customer service considerably improved both in terms of rapid response times in the event of a claim and reporting of driving behaviour, through digital channels such as the internet and smartphone app.
  • Premiums can be lowered for the safest customers, thanks to data analysis and customer profiling collected via the Vodafone telematics platform.



“We share not only Vodafone’s philosophy but also its mission: for us too, customer focus is the element that helps us stand out from the competition.”

Roberto Mosca, CEO and General Manager, HDI Assicurazioni

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