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01 Mar 2022


  • Monitoring vehicles during journeys
  • Connecting drivers, operators and users
  • Creating detailed reports for service providers


  • Integrating our solution with PMG’s uCarer app
  • Collecting real-time data
  • Assessing if vehicles can be replaced by EVs


  • Monitoring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Detecting vehicles in 30 seconds
  • Reconstructing incidents with telematics

Future-ready fleets: helping PMG move towards greener and more equal mobility



The customer and the challenge

Ensuring accessible mobility for all

PMG works together with other organisations to make mobility accessible to everyone. They create equal opportunities for vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities and older people, using a fleet of 800 specialist vehicles. As a benefit corporation, PMG does more than just generating profit ­–they’re committed to promote solidarity, sustainability and social goals.

A service built on trust

Providing mobility services for vulnerable people comes with great responsibility. PMG must have everything under control to make sure that their passengers feel safe during the whole journey. They must keep an eye on their vehicles to spot issues and prevent risks in time. “To manage a large fleet of 800 vehicles for our vulnerable service users, we need continuity and stability,” says Marco Accorsi, Vice-President of PMG.

Staying connected, staying safe

Clients, family members and caregivers can make their bookings using PMG’s application, where they can also check the vehicle’s location during the entire journey. The operations centre organises each service request, while the service provider can access detailed and customisable service reports. Drivers receive route plans and they can keep in touch with the service users and the operations centre. And all these steps are managed by the uCarer IT application, using our Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics solution.

How we helped them

Let real-time data drive your business

Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics provides PMG with the data they need to make the right decisions for their business. Thanks to the telematics devices installed in their vehicles, they can collect reliable and accurate data in real time. It allows them to create customisable reports, track their vehicles’ mileage and fuel consumption, identify points of interest and reconstruct incidents. Real-time data also enables vehicle detection in only 30 seconds, detailed route planning and more effective communication.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do

We help PMG go greener and deploy an electric fleet by assessing which of their current vehicles can be replaced by EVs. What’s more, our solution allows them to monitor and optimise their vehicles’ fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and mileage data and to perform vehicle maintenance diagnostics. Thanks to Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, they can always check the battery charge level, even when a vehicle is on the move.

A platform to make your business grow

We can easily integrate Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics with your data system and move your business to the next level regardless of the size of your fleet or the types of vehicles you use. Just like we did with PMG’s uCarer management system. We provided them with the right platform and features to meet their business needs and help them fulfil their purpose –creating equality by promoting mobility for vulnerable groups.

Why choose us?

Solutions for all vehicle types and fleet sizes

Easy integration with any data system

Telematics solutions promoting sustainability

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