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Four generations of innovation in farming

Embracing technology and new ways of working

06 Apr 2021

Erust Case Study

As fourth-generation farmers, the Erüst family is always looking for new ways to take business development further. Since 1939, they have expanded their farm, using the most current technology to grow more than 180 products and prepare for the future. Trying something different means they can be a step ahead of the competition.

The Vodafone Business solution

Mustafa Erüst’s family uses Vodafone Business Agriculture applications to stay ahead. We provide an IoT solution which provides the family with real-time information and data that they can use for more sustainable farming. This technology enables the family’s work to run smoother and much easier. Employees stay regularly updated on the weather conditions and receive alerts to prevent diseases from spreading to their crop. They get a simple notification from the Vodafone application, once it’s the right time to apply the pesticide.


With the tools provided by Vodafone Business, Erüst Agriculture can lower overall production costs and decrease water usage, fertilisers and pesticides for a smaller impact on the environment and a more sustainable way of working. Other benefits include:

  • More productive employees
  • Smaller impact on the environment
  • Innovation at speed
  • Mobility
  • New ways of working

We support sustainable values and work ethic with our Vodafone Business Agriculture applications.

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