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17 Dec 2021


  • Building a stronger IT infrastructure
  • Flexible adaptation to other systems
  • Consolidating its leading role in Africa


  • Access to our multinational footprint
  • Affordable and efficient support
  • Involving our tech partners


  • Ensuring reliable connectivity
  • Expanding in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Responding flexibly to client demands

Empowering DHL Express to deliver customer satisfaction across Africa


DHL Express

The customer and the challenge

Delivering customer satisfaction

DHL Express operates one of the most complex global express networks across Africa. Serving businesses of all sizes, they constantly face new challenges. So, they rightfully pride themselves on providing state-of-the-art solutions, convenience and end-to-end visibility to their customers year in year out. 

DHL Express needed a stronger spine – the IT backbone

To provide convenience and ease to their customers, DHL Express needed the right technological capabilities. They wanted to create an infrastructure that could improve internal processes, efficiencies and productivity, while they also wanted to be more flexible, so they could better integrate with their customers’ systems. 

Over a decade of experience together

DHL Express needed a partner that could help them grow, scale and be more agile in a dynamic environment. They wanted to maintain their leading position within the logistics industry on the continent. To achieve this, DHL Express and Vodacom Business, Vodafone's Pan African subsidiary, partnered up in 2009 and they have been delivering innovative solutions together ever since.

How we helped them

Uniting dispersed operations

For DHL Express, a reliable network is an absolute must if they want to provide efficient and timely services to their customers, and taking on Vodacom Business’ multinational footprint allowed them to do just that.

Implementing an IT network to unlock efficiency and ensure growth

Vodacom Business supported DHL Express on its journey towards achieving its digital vision through the management and maintenance of its IT network infrastructure, which is the foundation of DHL Express’ digital applications in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Flexible and scalable to changing demands, the network has also broken down the barriers of connectivity that were a source of concern to clients.

IT networks for voice, data and video across multiple sites and countries, 24/7/365

Vodacom Business’ solutions provide DHL Express with always-available support and cost-friendly communications across wireless and fixed-line networks, as well as fast and reliable deployment, meeting and often beating deadlines.

A pool of partners to create mutually beneficial solutions

Thanks to its size, scale and credibility within the Sub-Saharan Africa region, Vodacom Business has also been able to leverage its partnerships with other technology companies to help DHL Express create better solutions for their clients.

Why choose us?

Access to our global coverage

Always-available support and quick problem resolution

Experience, scalability, agility and hands-on management

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