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A case study with Arcese

22 Nov 2022

Helping Arcese build a digital-first supply chain to monitor assets and shipments in real time


  • Strengthening collaboration
  • Ensuring real-time traceability
  • Keeping customers up to date


  • One app connecting all resources
  • Digitisation of all processes
  • Real-time supply chain monitoring


  • Elimination of paperwork
  • Enhanced supply chain visibility
  • Continuous improvement of processes


The customer and the challenge

Innovative logistics on a global scale 

Arcese is offering innovative transport and integrated logistics solutions across 5 continents for thousands of businesses operating in diverse sectors. The company combines the knowledge of their customers' local markets with decades of experience and expertise in global trade to get the entire supply chain under control. Ethics, sustainability, and digitisation are key elements in designing and developing the services provided to customers on a global scale.

Turning challenges into opportunities

Digitisation and technology are paramount for logistics companies to keep their assets connected and their customers up to date around the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged Arcese to kick off their digital transformation and introduce smart working. And it was just the first step of a long journey to make their business stand out on the market. They needed a reliable technology partner who could help them rethink processes, strengthen internal and external collaboration, optimise efficiency and increase resilience in the long run.

Digitising the supply chain

Arcese provides their customers with full visibility of the entire supply chain to offer seamless track and trace services. That’s how they can keep them well-informed during the whole process and identify any issues in time to act proactively. Arcese wanted to make sure that they could monitor every shipment in real time through updates and notifications. They needed help to design applications which are tailored both to their objectives and to end users’ needs. Vodafone Business had the ICT portfolio and experience which Arcese needed to adapt their operations to a constantly evolving market.

How we helped them

The right tech keeps you on track

We’ve been working together with Arcese since 2015 to help them speed up their digital transformation. We’ve combined our advanced connectivity services with our extensive portfolio of customised application solutions to provide them with the technology and support they needed to introduce real-time tracking and tracing. Arcese can rely on our digital solutions to fulfil their customers’ changing needs and give them peace of mind that their shipments are in good hands.

Connected resources around the globe

We’ve provided Arcese with a platform that combines our ICT knowledge with their supply chain management expertise. Arcese’s main application keeps thousands of people, including their employees, suppliers and third parties connected, no matter where they are. Our solution has helped the company digitise the entire process to handle all interactions regarding scheduled deliveries on a single platform and get rid of unnecessary paperwork. Managing, loading and delivering goods have never been more coordinated which makes the drivers’ job simpler at all stages of the process thanks to the use of a dedicated app.

Shaping the future of logistics 

“I am very happy with the partnership with Vodafone Business because it is built on continuous improvement,” affirms Guido Pietro Bertolone, CEO at Arcese. Innovation has always been a key value for Arcese. We’re glad to support them on their digital journey and revolutionise the logistics industry together.

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