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A case study with Villaggio Turistico Internazionale

12 Jun 2023


  • Improving cyber resiliency

  • Protecting sensitive data

  • Reducing their IT team’s workload


  • External support from Vodafone SOCs

  • Monitoring devices and activities 24/7

  • Mobile device management services 


  • Secured endpoints, emails and cloud apps

  • Immediate response to security events

  • Improved prevention of future attacks


Villaggio Turistico Internazionale

The customer and the challenge

Carefree vacation in the shade of pine trees

Villaggio Turistico Internazionale is a five-star open-air resort surrounded by pine forests, located in Bibione, northern Italy. This fairy-tale village welcomes up to 3500 people each day in 180 villas, a residence with 48 apartments, 260 mobile homes and 250 camping pitches. Guests can get the most out of their stay by enjoying a private beach, swimming pools, areas dedicated to sports and entertainment, two restaurants and four bars. The resort is constantly improving, and the staff pays special attention to the guests’ well-being to ensure that everyone leaves this paradise with unforgettable memories.

Hackers don’t take holidays

Villaggio Turistico Internazionale operates a complex infrastructure while also handling personal data. As today’s advanced threats are designed to bypass traditional cyber security defences and compromise sensitive data, maintaining their assets, premises and communications secure has become more challenging over the years. They weren’t sure if their current endpoint security solution could detect the latest vulnerabilities in the evolving threat landscape. Their priority was to keep their devices and cloud apps secure while protecting their mail system from undetected phishing emails, spam and data leakage.

In need of external support

Villaggio Turistico Internazionale was looking for more than a reliable antivirus software: a unified solution that could protect their endpoints, emails and cloud applications as well. To improve their overall security posture, they not only needed help to respond to cyber attacks but also to monitor unusual activities in real time to detect, analyse and eliminate potential security events across all their devices and systems. As they didn’t have enough resources to deal with all these issues efficiently, they decided to reduce the pressure on their IT department by partnering with Vodafone and leaving complexities in safe hands.

How we helped them

Keeping open-air resorts connected and secure

Alberto Granzotto, the CEO of Villaggio Turistico Internazionale, had already known Vodafone Business as a trusted, long-term partner with a wide portfolio of solutions to cover all customer needs. As his family manages a twin five-star campsite village near Venice, where we’ve been providing seamless fixed connectivity for years, Villaggio’s IT team became interested in our security solutions as well. Thanks to strong collaboration with our account team and open conversations covering all security aspects, they were convinced that Vodafone Endpoint Guardian Advanced combined with mobile device management services could make their business a hard target for hackers.

Wide protection for all devices

Vodafone Endpoint Guardian provides Villaggio Turistico Internazionale with comprehensive cyber security, including endpoint, email and cloud protection. The solution focuses on devices and leverages an advanced sensor technology that records system and user behaviours to detect viruses, spyware, spam and web threats. Investigators can run a comprehensive analysis based on these detailed insights for an immediate response, remediation of affected systems and elimination of vulnerabilities to prevent similar attacks in the future. The service includes URL filtering that blocks access to risky websites, enabling them to improve user productivity and ensure protection at the same time.

Holding the cyber fort 24/7

As a touristic resort, Villaggio Turistico Internazionale needs to be available online 24/7. They can now benefit from our managed services and rely on external support to protect their business and relieve their internal IT department. Our Vodafone Security Operations Centres (SOCs) ensure continuous monitoring to detect, investigate, classify and manage security events. In case of very high-risk threats, our experts reach out to Villaggio’s IT team immediately and respond to the incident in no more than 30 minutes. As Vodafone Endpoint Guardian is easy to deploy and managed by our SOCs end to end, Villaggio Turistico Internazionale can focus on what really matters – providing a lifetime experience for all their guests.

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