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A case study with Dinamica Generale

06 Mar 2023

Helping Dinamica Generale launch smart farming globally


  • Expanding to other markets
  • Connecting devices cost-efficiently


  • Five product versions for different regions
  • Global customer service
  • Reliable IoT connectivity worldwide


  • Fast machine-to-cloud data exchange
  • Global expansion at a lower cost
Dinamica Generale-Logo

Dinamica Generale

The customer and the challenge

Data-driven agriculture for a green future

Dinamica Generale provides innovative electronic solutions and sensors for precision agriculture, digital animal farming and biomedical services in over 60 countries. They have been designing and manufacturing products since 1990 to help farmers optimise decision making while increasing efficiency and sustainability. They focus on continuous research to create information technology systems and lead the digital transformation for sustainable farming. Dinamica Generale is committed to adopting complex systems for their customers, allowing them to produce more while consuming less.

Building connected farms

As farmers can’t afford to compromise on food quality and safety, they need to have their day-to-day work under control. Dinamica Generale helps them introduce smarter ways of farming based on data-driven decisions to reduce their costs and environmental impact. The company’s precision agriculture and digital farming solutions combine weighing sensors, versatile near-infrared (NIR) analysers (measuring protein, fibre and other nutrients in real time) and cloud-based data management software. Connected technologies allow farmers to track and trace products during harvest, baling, or any other stage of the process.  Dinamica Generale needs reliable and fast IoT connectivity for their in-field and on-farm electronic devices to provide their customers with real-time visibility over their processes.

Thinking local, going global

Dinamica Generale needs to ensure that their products comply with the national regulations and meet the local needs in every market where they operate. As Vodafone Business offers the largest mobile communications network worldwide and has more than 20 years of IoT experience, we are there to help the company increase its global footprint in a smooth and safe way. We’ve provided them with affordable end-to-end services including hardware, connectivity and deployment.

How we helped them

IoT connectivity without borders

Dinamica Generale uses Vodafone USB Connect 4G to connect their assets and devices worldwide. Our integrated terminal brings together high-quality hardware and pre-configured connectivity services into a single solution. It has five versions which are certified for different markets and can be adapted to specific geographic areas, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific and China. This way, they can benefit from uninterrupted IoT connectivity, no matter where they operate.

What happens in the field, stays in the cloud

USB Connect 4G serves as a simple and cost-efficient way to expand their footprint while our global service desk ensures rapid deployment of IoT applications in any country of their choice. The terminal is equipped with a dedicated firmware for IoT, and Dinamica Generale can use it with its existing electronic devices for a wide range of applications. The dongle can be connected to one or two external antennas enabling reliable connectivity when transferring data from agricultural machines to the cloud in real time.

Smart feeding for optimised animal nutrition

Farmers need to monitor all stages of the animal nutrition process, especially when it comes to recipe preparation and the distribution of feeding rations. Dinamica Generale’s Feedelio precision feeding system relies on Vodafone Business IoT connectivity to help their customers optimise daily feeding processes based on data-driven decisions. Weight indicators and NIR sensors placed in different machines such as feed mixers are equipped with a modem using USB Connect 4G. The terminal transfers the data from these devices to Dinamica Generale’s Daily TMR Manager (DTM) cloud-based data management software without distance limit. This way, farmers can control the quality of animal nutrition in real time via an app.

Getting the most out of your crops

USB Connect 4G can also be used with harvesting and spreading machines to facilitate field operation monitoring. High-speed data transfer allows seamless communication and data exchange between in-field sensors and the cloud. Farmers can have all information essential for smooth daily operations in the Field Track application which converts the data stored in the cloud into value-added information. This enables them to measure loaded crops, analyse ingredients and optimise fertilisation to promote sustainable growth while cutting costs.

Why choose us?

Global IoT footprint

Certified hardware for specific markets

End-to-end customer service

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