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10 Jun 2022

Enabling Marchesini to develop new ways of working and become a connected business

Helping Prysmian reach their digital ambition



  • Introducing tools and apps on all devices
  • Managing their network across multiple sites
  • Enhancing network security


  • Support with the migration to L2 fibre
  • Reliable connectivity across multiple sites
  • A single interface to manage collaboration tools


  • Significantly reduced network latency
  • Increased productivity and faster delivery
  • Enhanced collaboration on a secure network

Connected business: helping Marchesini Group scale up their network to meet growing demand

Marchesini Group

Marchesini Group

The customer and the challenge

Innovation through tradition

Marchesini Group is an Italian company that designs and produces a wide range of packaging machines and lines for the pharmaceutical industry. Over the years, various companies that were complementary to Marchesini Group’s business merged and were even taken over, thus transforming the Group from the once small local company to the impressive multinational enterprise it is today. The company now generates 500 million euros in revenue and has around 2000 employees in over 116 countries worldwide. It’s been a long journey, but they’ve never forgotten where they came from. The company kept the human spirit and artisan production and combined them with the latest innovations in robotics and digitalisation. Continuous research and development help them stay competitive in the market. Marchesini Group was the first to design and produce machines and lines for the filling and packaging of COVID-19 vaccines.

Building digital resilience in COVID times

Marchesini Group takes sustainability and social responsibility seriously. The company’s employees are part of a big family and Marchesini Group does its best to support them, even in tough times. During the pandemic period, they developed a new HR strategy to guarantee their employees’ safety, maintain seamless communication and ensure business continuity. To make this transition as smooth as possible, they needed help to introduce advanced collaboration tools and efficient communication solutions and make them available on all devices.

Get your network ready for growth

Marchesini Group produces packaging machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and export them all over the world. The company was originally established in Pianoro, but they’ve acquired many companies to facilitate the production and design of machine components. Marchesini Group’s rapid business growth posed new challenges to the company. They used Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networking technology to connect their sites, but the high latency and long response time couldn’t keep up with the growing demand. They wanted to speed up the design and construction process of the machines, but they needed a trusted partner who would help them solve their multi-site issues, manage their expanding data network and protect it from cyber threats.

How we helped them

Lower latency, increased efficiency

Marchesini Group chose Vodafone in 2013 as their main connectivity partner for mobile and fixed line. Our continuous support allowed the company to plan the migration from a traditional MPLS network to L2 fibre in a gradual way to ensure service continuity. Our solution offered fast connectivity, high performance and enabled them to significantly reduce their network’s latency to connect their multiple premises spread across Italy. Every millisecond of latency they reduced increased their productivity and the number of machines built and delivered. This allows Marchesini Group to work more smoothly and quickly than ever before to fulfil the growing demands of their customers.

Safety above all

We’re committed to keeping Marchesini Group’s network safe. We’ve helped them install a control system to monitor voice and data traffic of 600 SIMs that can be used all over the world with heterogeneous HR policies. To raise the security level of their ICT infrastructure, PCs, servers and applications, we’ve helped Marchesini Group introduce an additional security system. This system monitors the company data and regularly conducts behavioural checks to activate protection procedures if it identifies any anomaly. We also provide Marchesini Group with cloud services to help them manage their data infrastructure more efficiently.

Seamless collaboration anywhere, anytime

As the pandemic changed the traditional ways of working, Marchesini Group also needed help to bring familiar applications and collaboration tools to all their devices, from smartphones to PCs. The company didn’t want to deal with multiple suppliers and was looking for a more flexible and cost-effective solution with continuous support. We’ve provided them with a single interface to order licenses and manage the monthly billing process. Marchesini Group relies on many of our mobile, fixed, cloud and security solutions, and we’ve become a trusted partner for them thanks to our ability to support their needs in a quick and efficient way. “We have long-established trust in Vodafone which was reinforced during the pandemic period. Indeed, Vodafone’s advice and proposals helped us to be partially ready to tackle the new challenges posed by the pandemic,” says Maurizio Bertasi, IT Manager at Marchesini Group.

Why choose us?

Fast connectivity with low latency

Quick response time and continuous support

Advanced network security solutions

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