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Circet partners with Vodafone Business to promote responsible driving by its employees

19 Jan 2021

Circet Spain was looking to improve the driving of its employees and make journeys safer. The expansion of its businesses and the opening of new branches, has significantly increased its fleet size - which is now at 1,200 vehicles. So, they needed a partner who could help them to safely manage more vehicles, employees and risks on the road than ever before.

The challenge

Rising accidents

At the end of 2018, the Circet Group entered the Spanish market with the acquisition of the Andalusia-based firm Cableven. Their aim was to become the leader in the deployment of telecommunications networks in Spain and strengthen its leadership of the European market. Following the acquisition, the Spanish subsidiary accelerated its expansion throughout the country, significantly increasing its fleet of vehicles to over 1,200. This has increased employees journeys and resulted in more accidents.

To tackle this rise, which has resulted in higher repair costs, increased insurance premiums and more driving penalties, but above all, to encourage employees to drive in a better way, the company launched awareness-raising campaigns across all of its sites. “We had to do everything we could to improve employee safety and reduce the number of accidents,” explains Javier Delgado, Manager of the Circet Spain Fleet Department. “We began by focusing on raising awareness among our team, but we soon realised that this simply wasn’t enough and that we needed to go further to create a better understanding around safety.”

The company wanted a solution that would be able to respect the privacy of their team, while providing driving data that could be used to design effective accident prevention initiatives – all to improve driving and safety.

“When we discovered Vodafone Driving Academy, we realised it was a perfect fit for our needs, which could assess employee driving and help us identify improvement areas.”

Javier Delgado Godino, Manager of the Fleet Department, Circet Spain

The solution

“Our relationship with Vodafone is based on mutual trust and long-standing collaboration,” explains Delgado. “Every part of their service, together with the flexibility and range of options Vodafone offered from the beginning, gave us the confidence in their ability to help us deliver what we needed to. The support we’ve received from Vodafone in implementing the Driving Academy has been incredible.”

Once Circet decided to go head, the app was installed on Circet’s employee smartphones – it works by detecting when users are moving, unless travelling as a passenger. Vodafone Driving Academy creates a picture of driving behaviour using data in the app, without affecting the normal use of device and any other company applications that are installed. It uses built-in sensors on a smartphone to monitor driving activity such as the speed at which users drive, how they drive around bends in the road and whether acceleration and braking, are sharp or soft – all of this sensitive data is anonymised, so protected automatically. The data is then analysed and a driving behaviour score is given, generating a risk profile and improvement tips, which are provided on a daily basis.

The company uses the Vodafone Driving Academy scoring information to analyse different sites and score them. “We’re still not using this information as part of our incentive programmes yet, but we’ve got this as one of our goals,” explains Delgado. “We want to be able to see the results and evaluate them before launching new initiatives, to make sure that they’ll be well received by our team. This includes, not only scoring and potential incentives, but also recommended practices in specific areas, that help improve driver safety.”

“Privacy was a huge concern for us, both for the company and its workers,” explains Delgado. “We wanted to avoid GPS monitoring of every movement of our team. And we didn’t want the company to receive all the information generated by the application, just the daily scores.

“From the beginning, we’ve worked hard to make sure that employees don’t feel like they’re being monitored. We want them to feel comfortable with the application, to trust it and use it of their own free will and ultimately, make their job safer.”

Javier Delgado Godino, Manager of the Fleet Department, Circet Spain

“Even though we’ve only been using the application for a few months, it has already exceeded our requirements and expectations,” adds Delgado Godino. “We’re really happy with our decision to use Vodafone Driving Academy to improve the driving and safety of our team.”

Why Vodafone?

  • Vodafone Driving Academy promotes awareness of the importance of good driving and helps reduce accidents among employees
  • Vodafone provides Circet with data to analyse the use of its vehicles and make better decisions, based on evidence
  • Vodafone Driving Academy allows personalised incentive programs, makes suggestions for improving driving and recommends specific training activities

About Circet

Circet is a leader in the European market for the design, deployment and maintenance of telecommunications networks. It provides turnkey engineering, construction, commissioning, installation and maintenance services, for fixed and mobile telecommunications networks.


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