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Aurrigo powers their autonomous vehicles in Cambridge with Distributed Edge Computing

16 Jun 2021


About Aurrigo

Aurrigo’s autonomous vehicles are changing the way people and cargo are transported around the world – from autonomous airport baggage dollies to shuttles and driverless pods.


Aurrigo’s ambition is to have fully autonomous vehicles without the need for human supervisors on board. To handle the huge quantities of data, high bandwidth, low latency, and secure communications they need to run effectively, Aurrigo vehicles need to connect to the cloud seamlessly.

Using Distributed Edge with AWS Wavelength


  • By using Vodafone Business Distributed Edge Computing with AWS Wavelength, Aurrigo can achieve the latency and speeds needed to connect its driverless vehicles
  • Using Vodafone’s 4G and 5G ensures that the autonomous vehicles always get a guaranteed level of connectivity and near-zero packet lost to deliver a reliable service
  • The back-end services also rely on Distrubiuted Edge Computing, meaning the whole operation is seamless and connected
  • Cyber resilience is achieved from not having data exposed to the public internet and keeping it closer to where it is produced, at the edge 


Already people across Cambridge are benefitting from Aurrigo using Distributed Edge Computing to run a fleet of autonomous shuttles seamlessly and safely across the city – which is a big step towards delivering safer, greener and more reliable public transport.

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