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Admiral Insurance partners with Vodafone for telematics initiative

30 Jun 2020

Customer experience excellence: Find out how we helped Admiral to encourage safe driving behaviours

Admiral Insurance selected Vodafone to provide an end-to-end, in-car telematics solution that includes devices, connectivity, data management, crash analysis and safety related services, allowing it to encourage safe driving behaviours while helping all policy holders to improve their driving style.

“Admiral Insurance always wants to encourage safer driving and telematics which gives us the unique ability to reward good drivers whilst helping our customers to become safer drivers.”

Gunnar Peters, Head of Telematics, Admiral Insurance

The challenge

Finding a strategic telematics Partner

Admiral Insurance introduced telematics as a way to monitor driving behaviour and adjust its premiums accordingly, however, it soon realised that it needed a solution which could provide more detailed data, precise analytics and better customer support.

Admiral Insurance focussed on three main pillars: firstly, delivering an excellent experience for its customers. Secondly, the new Partner had to deliver value for money. And finally – Admiral Insurance wanted a Partner with strong technical ability, that could collaborate innovatively on the next generation of insurance to develop better capabilities with higher data granularity.

“We wanted to find a Partner to help us compete on price and excel when it comes to technology.” explains Gunnar Peters, Head of Telematics at Admiral Insurance. “In addition, we also needed to work with an organisation that could support us in addressing service issues, so that we could bring an excellent experience to the end user. This was key to our future success.”

A rigorous evaluation of the market led Admiral Insurance to select Vodafone Automotive because it combined the UK based operation with industry-leading telematics solutions at a commercially viable proposition. In addition, throughout the selection process, the Vodafone team demonstrated a deep understanding of the technical requirements by delivering an outstanding pilot project, particularly in the critical area of crash reconstruction. Finally, Vodafone Automotive was able to demonstrate that it was considering strategic aspirations to expand beyond the aftermarket and address original equipment manufacturer and consumer models.

The Solution

Comprehensive, end-to-end device provision and data collection

Vodafone Automotive provides the architecture for LittleBox/LittleBoxVan telematics services offered by Admiral Insurance, including devices, connectivity, data management, crash notification and reconstruction theft tracking, and infrastructure to provide safety services. Vodafone Automotive provides Admiral Insurance with driving data that is shared with the policyholder via an online dashboard and Admiral Insurance’s own mobile application to demonstrate driver behaviour, to encourage safer driving. Discounts on premiums can be personalised at a policyholder level to reflect the individuals driving style in a positive or negative manner.

“Vodafone Automotive gives us an end-to-end solution, from the installation of the hidden telematics device in each vehicle to data gathering and transmission,” adds Peters.

Additionally, Vodafone are able to provide Admiral Insurance with detailed notification as well as pictorial and graphical reconstruction of road traffic collisions, bringing the incident to life and allowing the insurer to take the appropriate action. The customer claim handling process is therefore insightful and data-led.

Approximately 150,000 users have purchased the LittleBox/ LittleBox Van proposition resulting in a device installation. This device uses GPS co-ordinates, three-axis accelerometer and 250Hz frequency crash reconstruction, in combination with the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, to keep track of user journeys. Admiral Insurance rates how drivers perform, adjusts premiums accordingly and can use the information to provide deeper investigation after a crash.

“Admiral Insurance always wants to encourage safer driving and telematics gives us the unique ability to reward good drivers whilst helping our customers to become safer drivers,” continues Peters. “We are excited by our innovative partnership with Vodafone and we are impressed by what they can offer our customers now and in the future.”

Why Vodafone?

Vodafone offers one of the most consistent and available Managed IoT Connectivity Platforms globally for optimal coverage.

Vodafone Automotive UK operation gives it the local and national presence required for the best customer experience and support.

Vodafone provides detailed information on crash reconstruction, enabling Admiral Insurance to digitise the claims process while offering a brand new, transparent claims experience for customers.

“We are excited by our innovative partnership with Vodafone and we are impressed by what they can offer our customers now and in the future.”

Gunnar Peters, Head of Telematics, Admiral Insurance

About Admiral Insurance

Established in 1993, Admiral Insurance offer a range of insurance including motor as well as personal loans and financing. It aims to provide lower insurance prices to more people, without compromising on the quality of its service. Today, it has four million customers in seven countries and over 7,000 employees.

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