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A case study with H-FARM

04 Oct 2022

Helping H-FARM create a future-fit innovation hub and boost their digital acceleration through 5G


  • Creating a digital innovation platform
  • Introducing new technologies
  • Promoting digital acceleration


  • Next-gen connectivity solutions
  • Reliable 5G network
  • Support with digital transformation


  • Collaborative remote learning
  • Testing of new technologies
  • Development of new digital skills


The customer and the challenge

Kick-starting digital businesses

In 2005, Riccardo Donadon founded H-FARM, the world’s first start-up incubator, which has become the most important innovation centre in Europe. H-FARM’s mission is to help young people create their start-ups and support the digital transformation of companies through new business and educational models. Their unique platform brings together innovation, entrepreneurship and education to seize the full potential of the digital world.

Combining technology with human touch

The H in the company’s name stands for ‘Human’, as they believe that technology itself is not enough to build a better future –people can make real a difference. That’s why H-FARM is committed to bringing the digital and human aspects together while also highlighting the role of young talents and the importance of innovation during the digital transformation process of every business. H-FARM wanted to help European companies keep up with our changing world by supporting their digital journey through training and research.

Creating a platform with endless opportunities

To ensure that they can provide businesses with the right support for their digital transformation, H-FARM wanted to create the platform and the conditions that would help their customers get the most out of the latest technologies. They’re also committed to supporting young people with training to help them find and exploit the opportunities that would best suit their future ambitions. H-FARM was looking for the right partner who could enable them to improve their services and provide their customers with the support they need to pave the way for a digital future.

How we helped them

Shifting to a digital-first environment

H-FARM decided to trust Vodafone Business fixed-mobile convergence solutions to ensure smooth digital acceleration at their campus located in Roncade, Italy. Our 5G network was the key to enabling seamless collaboration through digital platforms and creating an environment where young talents and businesses can grow together. “Digital acceleration currently plays a crucial role in our business, thanks also to Vodafone Business 5G connectivity solutions,” affirms Riccardo Donadon, CEO at H-FARM. Our partnership has helped H-FARM introduce innovative solutions which seemed impossible before.

Learn and grow with 5G

Our next-generation connectivity solutions have helped H-FARM’s Education division develop innovative training programs by enabling collaborative remote learning. Young talents can exchange ideas in real time, while they can also discover the capabilities of virtual reality and 5G. Our reliable, high-speed 5G connectivity makes it possible to test new technologies in any application scenario and find out if they have any impact on user experience. H-FARM can work and experiment together with other companies to help them shape all elements of the value chain and improve their relationship with customers and other partners.

Getting ready for the future

Thanks to our reliable network infrastructure, H-FARM can provide their customers with the right tools to develop new digital skills that help them stand out from their competitors. Seamless connectivity and digitalisation also allow them to prepare their students for the business world of tomorrow through appropriate training. Thanks to the company’s commitment and our continuous support, H-FARM has become a leading European innovation hub where young talents and companies work together to shape the digital future.

Why choose us?

Reliable network infrastructure

High-speed 5G connectivity

Smooth digital acceleration

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