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We can help you reinvent the way you do insurance

Your business. Even better. With our Insights.


You want to know how you can get closer to your insurance customers and stand out from your competitors – making your business a successful one. We can help. The data from our telematics products and services will help you to create new business, customer loyalty and business efficiency. Our solutions can help you to…

  • stay on with changing customer needs in the digital age
  • reduce your risk - speed up claims and risk assessments with accuracy
  • introduce mechanisms to reward and promote responsible driving behaviour
  • create attractive value propositions and incentives to drive adoption
  • manage big data, safely and securely

The thinking behind what we do

Our Digital Mobility Insurance products and services give you, the insurer, what we like to call ‘Five Stages of Value’ – take a look below at how this can really benefit you. Click on our link to download our whitepaper.

What’s in it for you?

Make the most out of your business operations with telematics – it can help you win new clients, keep your existing ones happy, and create a great customer experience by dealing with claims quickly and accurately. Plus, on top of becoming more efficient, you’ll become more responsive to your customers’ changing needs in the connected age – helping you transform into a true digital insurer.

Digital Mobility Insurance gives your business



Improved risk management

Fewer claims*
Quixa, based on the results of the Quixabox​



Improved risk management

Lower loss ratio**
**ANIA and BIBA whitepapers



Increased business efficiency

Lower repair costs*
*ANIA and BIBA whitepapers​



Increased business efficiency

Fewer fraudulent claims*
*ANIA and BIBA whitepapers​



Strengthened customer loyalty and engagement

Renewals vs non-telematics customers



New sales channels, value added services

Leverage the car-maker eco system

Image-chart on desktop


New sales channels, value added services

Adopt new acquisition process: try before you buy

“We share not only Vodafone’s philosophy but also its mission: for us too, customer focus is the element that helps us stand out from the competition.”

Roberto Mosca, CEO and General Manager, HDI Assicurazioni

Find out how we helped our clients transform their business with Digital Mobility Insurance

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