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Here at Vodafone, we do amazing things to empower everybody to be confidently connected, and that could be providing superfast network speeds to smartphones, providing ‘total communications’ through fixed line solutions, making farmers lives easier with mobile money payments or streaming music into a car through the internet of things. As you can imagine, this means that we have a vibrant and diverse mix of skills and people that makes us a great place to work.

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We're at our best, when you're at yours

To explain both why Vodafone is a fantastic place to grow your career, and what Vodafone employees do every day, we asked our people to tell us their stories, which you can explore by clicking below. In each area, you’ll also be able to read more information on what’s special about us.

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Our exceptional people

We pride ourselves on creating a diverse and inclusive working environment for our people and for our customers.

  • Diversity at Vodafone

    Here at Vodafone we aim to create a working culture that is a reflection of our global footprint and customers, creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

  • Graduate careers

    We offer exceptional careers to exceptional graduates from top universities around the world. We hire more than 600 graduates from across the world every year.

  • Our global locations

    From Ghana to Greece, England to Egypt, India to Ireland, all over the world, we all work together to produce the best solutions and the most rewarding results.

We’re at our best, when you’re at yours. Power to you