Personalising the network


Keeping a phone handset for an extra year can reduce its lifetime CO2e impact by up to 29%. Preserving the lifespan of a device’s battery by reducing the number of charges it needs can help achieve this.

One of the biggest drains on battery power is the energy required to connect and communicate with the network, which happens continuously in the background.

But every person uses their device differently. Some may be ‘always on’ users, who require constant connectivity – perhaps because they stream music on the go, or they use their phones as in-vehicle navigation systems. Others may be more passive users, only needing their phones to make calls or send the occasional text message.

Manually operated battery saving features exist already, but what if a mobile phone could ask the network for a specific configuration based on its use?

This could help limit battery usage significantly, reducing the number of charges needed between cycles and ultimately extend the lifetime of a device.

We can make this happen through our battery life API.