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Now, more than ever, we need the safe, resilient and capable communications infrastructure and networks that can keep us all connected, enhancing life, business and society.

We see that:

  • Connectivity and digitalisation are vital to kick-start all aspects of the economy and enable society to become more flexible and resilient.

  • These networks need to protect the security of everyone who uses them and the privacy of the information and data they share. And they need to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever you want to do.

At Vodafone, our priority is to protect and maintain the quality of service of our networks. We are constantly working with the authorities to find ways to build more high-speed connections and expand capacity and traffic management protocols across Europe. We recently accelerated the deployment of four new virtual gateways in Italy and completed a 100Gb regional upgrade to support the Fixed, Mobile & Business traffic increase in Ireland.

Safe and reliable networks will secure a stronger more resilient economy across Europe but we can only achieve this by working together. See below to find out more about our work to deliver reliable and secure connectivity for all.

Welcome to Sabugueiro, Portugal’s most connected mountain village

It’s the natural order of things for young people from rural areas to head off for jobs and opportunity in the cities when the time is right. The knock-on effect of this means communities are not only getting smaller – their populations are getting older and potentially less connected.

IFEMA hospital infrastructure turbocharged by Vodafone

When a new dedicated Covid-19 hospital was planned for Madrid, Vodafone Spain, along with numerous technology partners, stepped up to deliver the communications infrastructure that was needed to support the medical professionals as they cared for patients.

Learn more about how we’re helping to keep society connected


Vodafone is committed to helping create a fair and inclusive digital society for all Europeans.


Businesses are a vital creator and contributor to economic growth; creating jobs, supporting communities and partnering with government.


Society is reliant upon governments providing essential services, especially in health and education.