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Society is reliant upon governments providing essential public services, especially in health and education.

Even – especially – under severe disruption, these services need to be able to function reliably and effectively.

Billions of Euros have already been committed to support economies by national governments and the European Commission, but in addition:

  • Both national governments and the European Commission have already committed billions of Euros to support economies. However, the design of health, fiscal and social policies and government expenditure should be co-ordinated to ensure all services can be delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Governments will be forced to accelerate the digitalisation of public services to increase their accessibility, adaptability and resilience, because digital inclusion of citizens is essential in order to offer equal and fair opportunities to all. 

We partnered with public authorities in Ireland to zero-rate access to HSE online and the main government websites, for all mobile customers, so that they could access crucial public information whenever they needed to. And in Spain we provided 20,000 SIM cards to hospitals and nursing homes, to guarantee their connectivity and ensure patients could remain in contact with their loved ones, even without internet access.

Ultimately, the digital transformation of healthcare, education and public administration can help manage and mitigate the effect of future crises. Our five-point plan focused on partnering with governments, by delivering at speed to respond to immediate needs and support societies to become more resilient.

Through our secure and best-in-class networks we provide network capacity and key services for critical government functions. We believe we can build a stronger society through digitalisation and our collaboration with governments. See below to find out more about how we are enabling governments to accelerate the adaptability and delivery of public services. 

LifeSaver app continues to add features to monitor the health and well-being of the public

The Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the National Ambulance Service have added a ‘Coronavirus Information’ button to their LifeSaver app. The app is now able to give members of the public the latest news on the pandemic directly from the Hungarian Government’s official Coronavirus information site.

EmergencyEye helps 400 doctors in Germany and protects high-risk patients from Coronavirus

In Germany, Vodafone partnered with start-up company Corevas to develop a video chat technology to enable doctors to carry out virtual consultations, making sure people are able to receive the medical attention they need. 

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Vodafone is committed to helping create a fair and inclusive digital society for all Europeans.


Businesses are a vital creator and contributor to economic growth; creating jobs, supporting communities and partnering with government.


Now, more than ever, we need the safe, resilient and capable communications infrastructure and networks that can keep us all connected.