Why this matters

Before the pandemic, cities experienced rising slum dweller populations, worsening air pollution, minimal open public spaces and limited convenient access to public transport. The COVID-19 direct and indirect impacts are making reaching the goal even more unlikely, with increases in the number of slum dwellers and those who have downgraded to live in slum-like conditions, while also worsening of the quality of life and vulnerabilities for those already living in slums.

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Our response

With 55% of the world’s population living in cities, digitalisation can play a key role in tackling many of our cities’ most pressing challenges. 

Acting as a close partner with municipal governments, Vodafone’s data platform and extensive IoT solutions help to make cities smarter by, for example, intelligently managing energy use and pollution right across the built environment. They can also protect citizens and businesses from crime more effectively and safeguard vulnerable citizens in their homes.

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