Assessing impacts for all business decisions

Assessing the potential human rights risks is a significant factor in determining whether or not we will make an investment, establish an operating business or enter into a commercial relationship with a third-party communications operator in a country where Vodafone currently has no such presence. Human rights impacts, together with security and privacy, are part of our standard commercial process for assessing potential acquisitions, licence applications or new local operator partnerships.

If the initial human rights impact assessments raise any concerns, we conduct a formal in-depth human rights due diligence investigation before we enter a new market, which covers a number of issues, including:

• Historic, current, and emerging human rights challenges in that specific market.
• Potential human rights impacts from the planned transaction, as well as the potentially affected rights holders.
• The nature of the planned partnership including e.g. ownership structure, the type of goods/services involved - when applicable.

What we can do next depends on the proposed transaction.