The Vodafone Foundation has partnered with the Záchranka Emergency Medical Services (EMS) app to help EMS find and care for patients, no matter where they are.

Video diagnosis for emergency services

In emergencies, a patient’s chances of survival are often dependent on how quickly they receive care. But it can be hard to pinpoint the exact locations of car crashes, accidents in remote locations and other incidents quickly.

To help, the Záchranka Emergency Medical Services (EMS) app connects directly to EMS in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and Slovakia mountains, with technical support from the Vodafone Foundation. Activating the app both calls EMS operators and sends a message to EMS with the exact location of the caller.

The app also holds information on the closest accident and emergency services and provides push updates during public health emergencies. 5G enables latency-free video calling, allowing operators to review incidents in real-time and feed diagnosis updates to paramedics heading to the scene. 

The network, provided by Vodafone Czech Republic, ensures consistent connectivity, critical to providing more stable, clearer, and faster communication, regardless of location.