Vodafone is working to deliver fast  connectivity to everyone in the German Alps

Coverage anywhere

The German Alps attracts millions of people every year, drawn by its stunning scenery and opportunities for outdoor sports. Many people and businesses call the region home. To keep both tourists and locals fully connected, Vodafone operates 194 mobile radio stations in the Alps, providing comprehensive coverage to the expansive mountainous region.  

A climber is setting out on their first-ever expedition to the German Alps. It’s a tourist hotspot, protected for more than 150 years by the German Alpine Association (DAV).

The safety of the climber is key, and for the DAV, ensuring that safety depends upon them having access to total and comprehensive connectivity across the region.

That’s where 5G comes in.  By bolstering its already extensive coverage in the Alps with next-gen connectivity, Vodafone is helping ensure more reliable emergency services are provided across the entire region – as well as giving a better experience to homes and businesses.