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Our customer relationship management

Drive sales. Know your customers. Increase retention. Win new business.

Stay close to your customers from anywhere

Keep your customers happy, increase retention and win new business with our customer relationship management (CRM). Your sales team can monitor and follow up customer data and activity easily from any location and at anytime using an intuitive application hosted in the cloud

More effective sales and customer service teams

Because Vodafone CRM is cloud-based, valuable customer data and information is available anywhere at any time on any device. It also supports workers in the digital workplace, keeping everyone on the same page regardless of where they are.

Vodafone CRM opens new opportunities for sales teams who need the latest customer information from wherever they are, whenever they need it. Customer service and support teams can get straight to the heart of customer interaction, helping them resolve issues more rapidly, stay in touch while out in the field, and satisfy customers in new ways.

Vodafone CRM drives a new level of customer intimacy, removing barriers, strengthening relationships and creating clearer business opportunities.

Flexible work practices, flexible terms
We want you to grow customer success as rapidly as you can, so we've removed the need for up-front investments, hardware or software deployments, and instead put everything in the cloud. Vodafone CRM is available pay-as-you-go and is a role-based service. We manage and maintain the service so you don't have to.

You gain the room to grow with market demand without the complexity or price of new servers, infrastructure or hosting. Also, there's no need to pay for application features that you don't use, and no need for software installation or upgrades - you will always be using the latest version of the application.

Key features of Vodafone CRM

Contact management

Have a complete view of all your clients, manage meetings and record every interaction in one place

Campaign and lead generation

Run campaigns from the same place you store your contacts, and gain better insight into your most engaged customers. Capture leads and share them with your sales team whenever you want

Sales and business development

Focus on the right opportunities, and collaborate more effectively, to sell more effectively. Identify your best prospects and easily evaluate marketing ROI to better focus efforts

Configurator / administrator

Configure your CRM according to your specific business requirements
Keep clients coming back, give them the option to track their activities

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Know your customers

  • Monitor a 360° view of your customer
  • Never miss a sales opportunity
  • Improve marketing campaign ROI
  • Use it from any location, on multiple devices
  • Pay-as-you-go model
  • Access via an intuitive mobile app while on the move 
  • Active tasks – personal list of items you need to take action on in the coming days
  • Make-a-call – using integrated telephony to call a contact from the app
  • Log call – once the call has ended, create a record so you maintain a complete history of contacts
  • My dashboard – personalised view of everything that is most important to you
  • Schedule meetings – create a meeting record linked to other records

Vodafone CRM benefits

End-to-end service

We take care of the service end-to-end so that you can focus on your core business activities. No upfront investment is required - fixed and predictable monthly fees, pay only for what you need.

Agile and flexible

Stay flexible and react to the market whenever you need to, even on multiple devices. Help employees in the digital workplace to balance work and private lives.

Take control over customer data

Leading management and monitoring capabilities through a single view for full control.

Did you know?

You can predict your monthly costs thanks to a monthly pay-as-you-go licencing model


Vodafone CRM has various modules, choose the ones that really boost your performance

You can have one supplier and one contract for your mobile and fixed connectivity combined with our CRM